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The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) is grateful to the businesses and organisations that have kindly allowed it to reproduce their trade marks and copyright material, and for appearing in the case studies and videos in IP Equip.  This generosity has ensured the e-learning experience has been significantly enhanced for the user.     The Penguin logo is a trade mark of Penguin Books Limited and is used here with kind permission.    

Working Group

To develop this project the IPO set up a working group of external stakeholders with experience in this field.  The IPO has been fortunate to receive the generous support from the working group members. The significant time, effort and expertise provided by them during this project, has helped to shape and direct it and to ensure the final product is fit for purpose.   The IPO is therefore grateful to the working group members:
  • Glenn Collins, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
  • Giles Davies, Barclays Bank
  • Jerry Bridge-Butler, Baron Warren Redfern
  • Erica Wolfe-Murray, Lola Media,
  • Richard Malczyk, Pioneering Innovations
  • Clive Bonny, Strategic Management Partners
  • John Lockwood, Sportfit Limited


Partnering with the IPO, Transform provided User Experience Design and development services for the IP Equip e-learning tool. The project followed the principles of User Centred Design to engage with users throughout development to deliver a finished product that addressed user requirements.   Transform is a digital and multi-channel consultancy working with clients to deliver customer-centred change. Part of the Engine Group, Transform brings together experts with cross-sector expertise to define, design and deliver services for its clients.    


If you would like to report any problems, have any feedback relating to this e-learning product or would like to subscribe to our IP newsletter please email equip@ipo.gov.uk