Southampton event round up

Port Out, Starboard Home

The campaign docked in Southampton with high expectations for this leg of the tour, as over 100 people had registered to attend. This proved to be well founded with a fabulous turnout on the day with a very responsive audience, so thanks to all who came along.

There were lots of questions during each session, mostly related to brand name ownership and copyright. The feedback from the event was excellent, in particular from a number of attendees who were going to look at their Intellectual Proeprty (IP) portfolio.

"IPO – Dave Hopkins was an excellent speaker, a good communicator with humour and impact. Gareth Davies and Andy Pinnell from Companies House provided good insight into what they can offer. Great seminar!" - Carol Andrews

"Many thanks for having us! Very informative, such essential information! Thank you! Everyone should go on a course like this the minute they register their business." - Tessa Zuydam

For those of you who could not attend, Southampton Central Library External Link hold regular IP clinics External Link and there is also another event in Southampton titled Government support for business R&D and innovation which is aimed at informing attendees about R&D tax credits and Patent Box.

Next stop is an evening event in Stevenage.

Dave Hopkins

In addition to Dave's comments, I would also like to add that from a Companies House perspective, we also found the event to be very beneficial and a great success. The delegates who attended both the morning and afternoon sessions were engaged throughout and several took the time after each session to note how they were grateful to learn of the services and help that Companies House can offer to their business.

Numerous questions were raised throughout, of particular interest was how we could help protect a company against identity fraud and the legal responsibilities that a company director faces.

More information about how to protect your company against fraud is available on the Companies House website External Link.

We look forward to the next event in Stevenage and hope it shall be equally successful.

Andrew Pinnell
Companies House

Reviewed 14 February 2013