Types of intangible assets

Move your mouse over the different forms of intangible assets to see how they relate to this mobile phone.

Database right
Move your mouse pointer over the different types of IP to see how they relate to this mobile phone.


Processes, manufacturing techniques, inventions, designs, drawings, formulae and more which are used in the production of products or services.


These protect technical inventions, such as products or processes which are new and are not an obvious development of what has gone before.

Trade marks

Distinguishes the goods and services of one undertaking (i.e. a company/organisation) from another.

Domain name

The way your organisation is known and located on the internet.


The intrinsic value attributed to an organisation because of the reputation it enjoys with its customers.


These protect the visual appearance or eye appeal of products.

Database right

Databases may be protected by European Database right or as a copyright literary work.


An automatic non-registed right covering a wide variety of works.

We have also compiled a table showing a range of examples of intangible assets.

Reviewed 22 July 2010