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Patent Informatics

Using patent data to mine, reveal, and inform, for government and for industry


Reports are accessed and used subject to Crown copyright.

3D Printing PDF document(2.77Mb)

The IPO is taking a leading role in co-ordinating enforcement of IP rights and horizon scanning to ensure that policy making services are ready to respond to, and engage with, future challenges and opportunities; one area of interest is 3D printing. The Patent Informatics team have recently been investigating worldwide patenting activity for this technology area and this report will contribute to the evidence base for potential policy in 3D printing and identify prospective new avenues for research.

Quantum Technologies PDF document(1.05Mb)

The EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council) is investigating UK funding of quantum technologies to establish the UK as a leading player in a developing quantum technologies industry. This report provides a review of patent data on selected quantum technologies, drawing comparisons between the UK and elsewhere. Overall, the UK is found to be strong in quantum technologies.

October 2013

Graphene PDF document(4.4Mb)

In 2011 the Informatics Team produced a report on the graphene patent landscape. Given the high-profile interest of this material and its apparent interest to scientists, technologists and policy-makers alike, an updated report has been produced looking at the worldwide graphene patent landscape in 2013 and how it has changed over the last two years.

March 2013

3D Television PDF document(1.55Mb)

It is predicted that by 2014 close to half of all UK households will own a 3DTV. The patent data shows that all the major consumer electronics brands are investing heavily in 3DTV research and development, with patent publications increasing by 350% between 2009 and 2012.

October 2012

Stem Cells PDF document(1.99Mb)

The UK National Stem Cell Network provided the stem cell community with regular digests of both published patent applications and granted patents in the field of stem cells.

This report provides an updated patent landscape overview for the period 1 November 2008 - 31 October 2011 with a detailed focus on the current patent landscape and the changes in stem cell patenting over the last two years.

October 2012

Agrifood PDF document(5.61Mb)

Agrifood includes agriculture, horticulture, and food and drink processing technologies. The relative specialisation index (RSI) was used to rank countries according to their degree of specialisation in agrifood. New Zealand, Russia, Hungary, Denmark, and Argentina lead according to the RSI. The UK shows the expected level of patenting according to this measure.

August 2012

Patent thickets PDF document(1.35Mb)

In response to the Hargreaves Review of Intellectual Property and Growth, the IPO has conducted an investigation into a set of technology sectors for potential evidence and indicators of patent thickets.

A system defining different types of thickets according to technology maturity and sector is proposed; and the potential effects of these thickets on new market entrants (such as SMEs) in these technology sectors is considered.

In this report, a set of basic indicators identifying and ranking patent thickets is suggested, and some initial work in an automated thicket detection methodology is discussed.

November 2011

Graphene - the UK perspective PDF document(579Kb)

Following on from the worldwide overview, this report focuses on the patent landscape in relation to UK based patent applicants and inventors.

October 2011

Graphene - a worldwide overview PDF document(1Mb)

Graphene is a nanomaterial consisting of sheets of carbon atoms a single layer thick in a hexagonal arrangement. It has been referred to as the miracle material of the 21st Century and its public profile was boosted when the Nobel Prize in Physics 2010 was awarded to Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov of Manchester University. This report gives an overview of the worldwide patent landscape.

September 2011

Regenerative medicine - the UK landscape PDF document(915Kb)

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills undertook a stock-take of regenerative medicine in the UK. This report provides an up-to-date overview of the UK patent landscape.

June 2011

Disruptive technology - a toolkit PDF document(325Kb)

Are patents a useful tool for assessing the potential of science-intensive, emerging disruptive technologies? This paper was presented at the European Patent Office's Patent Statistics for Decision Makers conference in 2009.

July 2010

UK innovation nanotechnology patent landscape analysis PDF document(3.12Mb)

UK nanotechnology innovation patent data reveals commercial and academic strengths and collaborations and yields specific assignee profiles. High level sectors are analysed and contrasted, key patents identified and a comparison is drawn between UK and global nanotechnology innovation.

April 2009

Patent landscape analysis of recycling and separation technologies PDF document(1.4Mb)

Worldwide patent data covering mixed waste streams is analysed, observing geographical and sector trends. In particular, under-represented sectors are identified. Specific patents exemplify observations.

April 2009

A patent informatics study of energy from waste PDF document(2.34Mb)

Worldwide patent data is contrasted with GB innovation identifying sector trends and specific expertise. Specific patents are noted for their influence on the landscape. Legislative and social influences are surmised.

March 2009

Latest news

New 3D Printing report published

This report by the Informatics Team provides a review of patent data on 3D printing. The report PDF document(2.77Mb) is now available.

18 November 2013

New Quantum Technologies report published

This report by the Informatics Team provides a review of patent data on selected quantum technologies. The report PDF document(1.05Mb) is now available.

10 October 2013

Come and meet us face-to-face

The Informatics Team will be exhibiting at the PraxisUnico annual conference at the East Midlands conference centre, Nottingham on 13/14 June. If you want to have a chat to us about what we do and what we can offer you, please register your place at the PraxisUnico website External Link.

4 June 2013

Key benefits

  • Innovation Policy
    Providing evidence of the emerging trends in technology
  • Investment Opportunity
    Identifying the technologies that could create a whole new market
  • Competitor Intelligence
    Profiling your competitors using their patent portfolios
  • Knowledge Transfer
    Analysing the flow of knowledge and collaborations
  • Geographical Profiling
    Comparing markets between countries and regions
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