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SBRI Competition

The IPO SBRI completion evaluation stage has now been completed and the following projects have been selected to receive support from the IPO.

University of Surrey

A novel scheme for countering unauthorised usage of digital media content

The project will investigate a novel technology for protecting digital content like music and video downloaded via the internet. Digital content which has been obtained illegally is automatically blocked by the system. A key feature of the proposed technology is not to inconvenience legitimate users like existing Digital Rights Management systems do: Users don’t need to worry about how to configure and use the system; they just use their devices as usual without even knowing about its existence. The technology is patent-pending and further details will be available once it is published.

The proposal will benefit the media industry by drastically reducing the number of music and films pirated, protecting the future funding of new works, benefitting consumers.

White Bullet Solutions

The Standard for Online IP Risk Assessment

whiteBULLET is an intellectual property (IP) solutions company, which has created the first global standard to rate websites by reference to IP infringement risk. It does this by directly gathering over 400 data points per website and analysing this information using both automated and human review processes that calculate individual website scores. This allows for classification of all websites into low, medium or high risk within the IP Infringement Index (IPI Index).

The solutions built around the dynamic IPI Index can apply to numerous Internet stakeholders, for example: (1) brands and advertising intermediaries wanting to place digital adverts on a more informed basis and (2) rights holders wishing to refine their online IP strategies. This should ultimately foster a safer consumer environment on the Internet and promote legitimate business online.

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