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Annual Reports

We publish what we have done in our annual reports and support this with facts and figures.

Annual reports tell you how we perform, what we have achieved and about our work in any given year. This includes our formal audited accounts.

To get a copy of the final Annual Report or information from previous years, please e-mail our communications team.

Annual Reviews and Facts and Figures

We published an annual review from 2005 until 2007. These featured highlights of our achievements and our facts and figures for those calendar years.

Since 2008, we have only published our facts and figures, providing you with statistical data on annual trends for Designs, Patents and Trade Marks.

A list of annual reviews is contained in the first column and a list of facts and figures in the second column.
Annual Reviews Facts and Figures
  2012 - 2013 External Link
  2011 - 2012 PDF document(1.06Mb)*
  2010 - 2011 PDF document(969Kb)
  2009 - 2010 PDF document(1.08Mb)
  2008 - 2009 PDF document(411Kb)
  2007 - 2008 PDF document(233Kb)
2007 PDF document(7.38Mb)
2007 Review Journal PDF document(608Kb)
2006 PDF document(8.75Mb)  
2005 PDF document(1.94Mb)  
  2004 - 2005 PDF document(741Kb)
  2003 - 2004 PDF document(632Kb)

* Statistical data for the 2011-2012 period is also available in Microsoft® Excel format;

Analysable datasets

Dataset of patent applications received and subsequently published by the Intellectual Property Office between 1990 and 2013.

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