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Consultation on proposals to change the UK's copyright system

Reference: 2011-004

Launch date: 14 December 2011
Closing date: 21 March 2012

Copyright law governs what users can do with copyright works. Technology has changed out of all recognition since the copyright rules were last amended. The Government has developed proposals intended to make copyright rules more flexible, and better suited to today's needs.

The consultation covered the rules on copying for educational uses, for people with disabilities, for quotation and reporting current events, for preservation by libraries and archives, for research and private study, for text mining for research, for parody, and for public administration. It proposed protecting all those users' rights from being removed by contracts. It also proposed a solution to the problem of orphan works, and the regulation of Collecting Societies.

The consultation was of interest to a wide range of people and institutions including (but not only): consumers, authors and creators, publishers, content providers, libraries, schools and universities. This consultation closed on 21 March 2012.

The Government published its Summary of Response document on 14 June 2012:

The Government published a policy statement on modernising copyright, together with updated impact assessments on each of its three proposals on 2 July 2012:

The Government published its second and final policy statement on modernising copyright in relation to the copyright consultation on 20 December 2012