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Tegernsee Experts Group - Informal consultation on International Patent Law Harmonisation

Reference: 2013-002

Launch date: 28 January 2013
Closing date: 1 March 2013

At a 2011 meeting convened in Tegernsee, Germany, representatives from the European Patent Office and the patent offices of Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, the UK and the United States (the "Tegernsee Group") launched a new dialogue concerning international patent law harmonisation.

They have met on two further occasions, to discuss and analyse the comparative aspects of each jurisdiction's patent law and practice. Detailed studies on four issues of particular interest for international harmonisation have subsequently been produced. These issues are:

  • The grace period
  • Publication of applications
  • Treatment of conflicting applications
  • Prior user rights

Copies of the studies and further information may be found on the The United States Patent and Trademark Office External Link or the European Patent Office External Link websites.

In October 2012, Tegernsee Group leaders agreed that their patent law experts should collaborate in developing a joint questionnaire to garner stakeholder views on these and related issues. The following questionnaire is the result of that effort. Results from the questionnaire and any additional stakeholder input received will be considered by the Group in determining how to advance the discussions.

On behalf of the Tegernsee Group, we kindly invite you to respond to the questionnaire appearing below. Thank you in advance for your time and cooperation.