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Individual Responses on Modernisation and Simplification of the Rules of Procedure for the Copyright Tribunal

Overview of responses

The consultation invited comments from interested parties on issues and specific questions. We received 24 detailed responses to the Proposed Draft Rules. Half were from collecting societies. The remainder were from licensees/music users, trade bodies, consumer groups and from an individual, representing a wide range of sectors. The deadline for responses was extended for two weeks until 17 July 2009 to allow as wide a response as possible.

Key themes of the responses were:

  • Support for the broad thrust of the Proposed Draft Rules;
  • Concerns about making applications too easy (encouraging frivolous or ill-founded applications) or too difficult (discouraging legitimate cases);
  • A desire for clarification and additional detail; and
  • Requests from collecting societies for a right to refer cases to the Tribunal. This was explicitly excluded from the scope of the consultation as it would require primary legislation and will not be dealt with further in this document.

Individual responses to consultation