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UK IP Crime Group

The UK IP crime group was founded in 2004 by the Intellectual Property Office due to the need to bring together Government, enforcement agencies and industry groups. The group aims to ensure a collaborative approach in addressing key IP crime (counterfeiting and piracy) issues.

Work of the Group includes:

  • discussion on strategic policy issues in relation to IP crime
  • identifying strategic priorities for collaborative action
  • identifying and disseminating good practice
  • raising awareness of IP crime
  • production of an annual IP Crime Report which, amongst other things, identifies the scope and scale of IP crime and future trends
  • training of key actors including enforcement officials

The annual IP Crime Report for 2012/13 PDF document(6.53Mb) includes an overview of the impact that IP crime has on the UK, the effects on the economy, consumer safety, and links between IP crime and other types of crime. The new IP Crime Report for 2012/13 was launched on 29 July 2012.

The Group is producing a series of information products for consumers, businesses and enforcement agencies.

The Supply Chain Toolkit PDF document(467Kb)

The new Supply Chain Toolkit, updated in November 2011, is intended to help individuals and businesses to be aware of the growing risk from counterfeit goods getting into business supply chains - it also provides guidance on how to protect your IP assets and what to do if things go wrong.

Proceeds of Crime Act (PoCA) Leaflet PDF document(89Kb)

The Proceeds of Crime Act (PoCA) Leaflet was launched on the 26 May 2009 to raise awareness of the Act. Targeting consumers and market traders, the leaflet warns would-be buyers and traders of counterfeit goods of the real cost - not only in terms of economic damage but also the risks to health and safety.

Preventing Infringement of Intellectual Property (IP) Rights in the Workplace

Is your office or business being used to carry out infringing activities (either work or personal)? If so you may be breaking the law, exposing yourself and your business to potential legal action, risking IT security breaches including viruses and hampering staff productivity. Check out this guide for businesses on Intellectual Property (IP) rights infringement at work to help you assess your risk and develop your response.

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