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The International route

You can apply to register your trade mark in countries which have signed-up to an agreement, known as 'The Madrid Protocol’.

The Madrid Protocol is controlled by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), which is based in Geneva, Switzerland.

WIPOs website provides a full list of member countries External Link that an International application can cover.

An International application must be based on an application in one of the member countries. If you apply through the UK office, your international application must be based on a UK trade mark application or registration. You can file your International application at the same time as you make your UK application, or later if you wish.

International Applications (under the Madrid Protocol)

For an International application to be considered:

  • you must have an application or a registration in the UK on which to base your application
  • the International application must be for the same mark as the UK application or earlier registration
  • the goods or services in your International application must be covered by your UK application/registration
  • the proprietors details must be the same

A single International application can also be based on more than one UK application or registration, provided the marks are identical.