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Before you apply

Before making an application, you should ask yourself the following questions:

Do I need to register my design?

Design registration provides considerable benefits, although your design may have some automatic protection under unregistered design right and copyright laws.

Does my product meet the requirements for protection?

Your design has to meet specific requirements before we will register it.

Are you the owner or creator of your product?

If you are the creator of a design, you will probably be regarded as the owner of that design and entitled to apply for design registration. Some exceptions apply, for example where designs are created under commission or in the course of employment.

Is your design already registered?

If someone believes that your design is not new they can challenge it after it has been registered. To reduce the possibility of a challenge you can check if it is already registered by viewing registered designs online.

Have you received enough advice?

Click on the above link to find out more about getting confidential advice regarding your proposed application from a number of different sources.