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Patent Prosecution Highway between the UK and Germany

The Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) pilot procedure allows you to request accelerated examination of your patent application if you have had a set of claims allowed by the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA) in a co-pending application for the same invention. Similarly, under the PPH pilot you can request accelerated examination at the DPMA if we have found a set of claims allowable in your UK patent and you have filed an application relating to the same invention in Germany.

You will need to submit the search and examination reports from the DPMA relating to your invention, amongst other information, in order for us to perform an accelerated examination of your application. This will allow us to benefit from work previously done by the DPMA, which in turn will reduce the examination workload and improve patent quality.

The PPH with the DPMA was launched on 1 March 2012 for an initial period of one year, after which the IPO and the DPMA agreed to continue the pilot project for a further two years.

How to make a request for accelerated examination under the PPH

Please refer to the procedure for requesting accelerated examination PDF document(21Kb) with us based on an application filed with the DPMA.

A request checklist and claim correspondence table PDF document(161Kb) is also available and should be completed and filed as part of the PPH request.

When filing a PPH request please indicate clearly in your covering letter that you are requesting accelerated processing under the Patent Prosecution Highway. Please also note that if the claims of your application currently on file at the IPO do not correspond with those found allowable by the DPMA then you will need to file an amended set of claims, which do correspond to the claims found allowable, when you file your PPH request.

Accelerated examination at the DPMA

Please refer to the procedure for requesting accelerated examination at the DPMA External Link based on an application filed with us.

Further Information

For further information or advice on requesting accelerated examination under the PPH please contact Charles Jarman +44 (0)1633 814782 or email