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Display your rights

You do not have to mark your product as patented. However, showing you have patent protection could help to stop others accidentally infringing your patent and may help to facilitate a claim for damages. If you do not mark your product you can still take legal action against anyone who infringes it.

You can use the terms patent pending or patent applied for to show that you have applied for a patent. This warns competitors that a patent may protect the product in future, and if they infringe the patent, you will have the right to stop them making, using or selling the product. If you have a granted patent for a product, you can mark the product as patented. In both cases you should display the patent number and country of the application or patent.

You must not mark a product to show that a patent has been applied for if it has not, or mark an unpatented product as patented. It is a criminal offence, and if you do this you could be prosecuted.