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Changes to the Priority Document Access Service (PDAS)

On the 19 November 2012 the procedures for using PDAS at the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) changed. The changes are necessary to align with new procedures being introduced by all participating offices and digital libraries.

Changes for GB filings at the IPO

Where the IPO is the Office of First Filing, the procedures for registering a copy of a patent application to be deposited in our digital library will be exactly the same. Our digital library will continue to be hosted by the International Bureau (IB) of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) who will issue Access Codes on our behalf.

However, when the IPO is the Office of Second Filing and you wish to file a GB application which claims priority from a prior application available from PDAS you will:

  • No longer be required to declare on Patents Form 1 the date that the priority application was made available to the IPO on PDAS.
  • No longer be required to authorise the release of the priority document to the IPO using the PDAS web portal.
  • Be required to state the Access Code either on Patents Form 1, in accompanying correspondence or via the PDAS Request Form on the electronic filing systems.

For further details regarding the changes please see the Enhancement Q&A.

Changes for International IPO filings

As from the 1 July 2012 the procedure for requesting the International Bureau to retrieve a priority document from a participating digital library also changed. Instead of stating the date that the document was made available in PDAS you will be required to state the Access Code on the request form PCT/RO101 or via PCT-Safe if filing electronically.

Other participating offices and digital libraries

Other participating offices and digital libraries may also be changing procedures and there will be a transition period where new and old procedures will run in parallel. Therefore if you deposit an application with another participating office or library you should check the current PDAS procedures with that office.