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Intellectual Property Office RSS feeds

What are RSS feeds?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. They enable you to be made aware of when a website has updated or added new content, without the need to visit the website itself.

How can I use them?

In order to subscribe to our RSS feeds, you will need a news reader. This is a piece of software which checks the feeds you have subscribed to and lets you read any articles that have been added.

There are lots of different types of news readers. Some web browsers and email clients already contain one; others are accessed via your browser (web based) and will let you access the RSS feeds you have subscribed to from any computer. Others require you to download and install a small application. These can only be used on the computer you installed the application to.

Many modern mobile devices can also be used to read RSS feeds.

Where can I get a news reader?

Simply go to any well known search engine and search for “News Reader” or “News Reader Software”.

Different news readers work on different operating systems and devices, so you should ensure you pick one which will work on your system.

How can I subscribe to an Intellectual Property Office RSS feed?

Once you have selected a news reader, you can choose which of our RSS feeds you would like to subscribe to. All our available feeds are listed below.

To subscribe to a feed, you can do one of three things;

  • Click on the orange icon next to the relevant feed;
  • Drag the orange icon into your news reader;
  • Drag or copy and paste the URL of the of RSS feed into your news reader

Your browser may also have a button on its toolbar that lights up orange to show an RSS feed is on the current page. You can click on this.

What Intellectual Property Office RSS feeds are available?

  • What's New - contains data from all feeds
  • About Us - contains data from About Us and Press
  • Press
  • Copyright
  • Designs
  • Patents
  • Trade marks
  • IP Policy - contains data from Consultations
  • Consultations
  • IP Crime
  • IP Research
  • News
  • Why Use - contains data from Why Use IP, Business, Education and Events
  • Events
  • Implementing the Harvgreaves review

Can I use Intellectual Property Office RSS feeds on my website?

If you own your own website, you can use our feeds to display the latest news on your website.

We encourage websites to use our RSS feeds. However all information must be attributed to the Intellectual Property Office.


If you encounter any problems subscribing to our RSS feeds, please use the below form to send us details of the problem encountered, what software you are using on which operating system and quoting any error message received.

You can use the same form to tell us what you think of this service.  All feedback is greatly appreciated.

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