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European & International Trade marks

If you want to use your trade mark in countries other than the United Kingdom, you can apply directly to the Trade mark Office in each country.

You can use a single application system to apply for an International trade mark (for certain countries throughout the world), or a Community trade mark (for protection in Europe).

Both these single application systems cover many countries including the United Kingdom and offer a number of other potential benefits, including:

  • less to pay;
  • less paperwork;
  • lower agents' costs;
  • faster results;
  • easy application

TMview External Link is an online search tool that provides access to national, international and the Community trade mark databases.

The International route

You can apply to register your trade mark through the International route in countries which are party to the Madrid Protocol through the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). Currently more than 70 countries are members, including the United States of America, Australia and members of the European Union (EU).

The European route

You can apply for a European Community trade mark through the European route via the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (trade marks and designs)(OHIM). The Community trade mark gives protection in all European Union (EU) countries.

Re-registration of UK marks in other countries

We provide a list of web links that will direct you to our most up-to-date lists of the countries in which trade mark protection may be extended. You can access this list via the Professional Section of our website.