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Using and buying trade marks

You may be able to buy or use other people’s trade marks.

If you want to use other people’s trade marks, you usually need permission. If you use registered trade marks without permission, you are infringing the trade mark and the owner can take legal action against you and claim damages.

If you want to use a registered trade mark, you can approach the owner to agree a licence with them.

You may also be able to buy the trade marks rights from the owner. This results in transferring the ownership, or assigning it, to you.  



If you use an identical or similar and confusable trade mark for identical or similar goods or services to a trade mark already in use - you are likely to be infringing the earlier mark.

Search our records to find the owner of a registered trade mark.

Registrable transactions

You can use certified copies to prove details about a trade mark or application. You can use uncertified copies for your personal reference or research.


Transferring ownership

If you buy a trade mark, you must tell us that you are the new owner.