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2014 Fast Forward Competition

2014 Fast Forward Competition

2014 Fast Forward Logo

At the 'Innovation Ecosystem' event PDF document(8.14Mb) on 12th March 2014, more than £660,000 was awarded to nine projects by the Intellectual Property Office to help businesses take their innovative ideas off the drawing board, and into the marketplace.

The Fast Forward competition encourages universities and Public Sector Research Establishments to work collaboratively with businesses and local communities to maximise the benefits of innovation and Intellectual Property. The competition has been running for the past four years and has now given more than £2.7 million in funding to 44 projects.

A total of 60 applications PDF document(291Kb) were received for the 2014 Fast Forward competition, of which 9 were successful.

Minister for Intellectual Property, Lord Younger said:

"The UK is a nation of inventors, and each year we see cases of successful businesses that have turned their innovative ideas into products and services for the UK and international markets. Our world-class universities are a key driver of this innovation and we should always look to find new ways of working with them to better support businesses and drive economic growth.

"This is why I am so pleased to see so many innovative applications to the Fast Forward competition. The competition this year was tough. I would like to congratulate this year's winners on their success and I will follow their progress with interest."


  • Lancaster University
    "Philanthropic crowd-funding of IP through the 'valley of death" - £39,962
  • Cardiff University
    "Health Technology Challenge Wales 2014" - £65,000
  • Nottingham Trent University
    "Nottingham Creative IP project" - £69,000
  • University of Dundee
    "TAP: Technology Accelerator Programme" - £73,000
  • Plymouth University
    "App Challenge Model - developing software application IP in collaboration with patients and charities" - £75,645
  • University of Oxford
    "Encouraging IP uptake for SMEs through the Oxford Isis Smart IP Scheme" - £77,000
  • Royal Botanic Gardens
    "Horticultural Micropropagation Services" - £83,948
  • University of Abertay Dundee
    "Investing in Digital Assets" - £85,668
  • University of Stirling
    "Sports Innovation Challenge" - £98,719

Full descriptions of all winning entries are available in our 2014 winning entries information booklet PDF document(180Kb).

Speaker presentations:

2013 Competition

2013 Fast Forward Competition


A total of 77 entries PDF document(244Kb) were received for the 2013 Fast Forward competition, of which 12 were successful


2013 Fast Forward winners

  • City University London
    "Start – Ed" - £12,500
  • University of Essex
    "LocalisE - Promoting business growth in North Essex via the Enterprise Agency network" - £16,200
  • University of Salford
    "Graduate Innovation Office" - £58,000
  • Anglia Ruskin University
    "Wiki for IP and Spill over through positive externalities and disseminating information asymmetry" - £60,200
  • University of Southampton
    "Meet the Primes" - £64,750
  • Cardiff University (SARTRE)
    "Developing an open innovation platform for sourcing solutions to unmet clinical needs" - ӣ65,000
  • Buckinghamshire New University
    "Innovative Telehealth & Assisted Living Ideas and Applications (ITALIA)" - £69,692
  • NHS Innovations South East
    "Accelerated commercialisation of non-patent Intellectual Property associated with healthcare apps" - £70,000
  • Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust
    "Identifying clinical unmet needs for accelerated innovation in medical technology" - £73,700
  • Durham University
    "Creating confidence in the crowd: Copper-bottoming the Innovation Commons" - £79,500
  • University of the West of England
    "Develop and Test an IP Diagnostic Tool for 'Build to Print' SME's" - £85,000
  • Liverpool John Moores University
    "Angel Accelerator" £89,581

Full descriptions of all winning entries are available in our 2013 winning entries PDF document(72Kb) information booklet.

The interim case studies PDF document(2.84Mb) of the 2013 Fast forward awards winners are also available.

2012 Competition

2012 Fast Forward Competition


A total of 53 entries PDF document(286Kb) were received for the 2012 Fast Forward competition, of which 13 were successful.


  • University of the West of England in collaboration with University of York, University of Sheffield, and Southampton Solent University
    "Knowing and Growing 2012 (K&G)" - £90,000

    Case studies - Interim PDF document(165Kb), Final PDF document(322Kb)
  • Swansea University
    "IP Forecast: an early stage value assessment methodology for intellectual assets tailored for the UK research context" - £80,000

    Case studies - Interim PDF document(193Kb), Final PDF document(296Kb)
  • University of Exeter
    "Growing innovation management capability to sustain Knowledge Exchange"- £80,000

    Case studies - Interim PDF document(229Kb), Final PDF document(691Kb)
  • University of the West of England
    "Bloodhound @ University" - £80,000

    Case studies - Interim PDF document(155Kb), Final PDF document(346Kb)
  • Sheffield Hallam University
    "Early Bird IP" - £77,000

    Case studies - Interim PDF document(248Kb), Final PDF document(214Kb)
  • University of Portsmouth in collaboration with University of Southampton, and University of Bournemouth
    "Creation of a unique cross-organisational innovation and knowledge exchange campus with the purpose of identifying, enhancing and supporting the exploitation of IP within SMEs in the region" - £75,000

    Case studies - Interim PDF document(775Kb), Final PDF document(214Kb)
  • University College London
    "From ideas to social enterprise: the integration of social enterprise in university technology transfer" - £65,000

    Case studies - Interim PDF document(185Kb), Final PDF document(190Kb)
  • Papworth Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
    "Clinical expertise database for increased knowledge transfer in the NHS" - £52,000

    Case studies - Interim PDF document(265Kb), Final PDF document(266Kb)
  • STFC Innovations Ltd
    "Using GEMS to discover and unlock IP value from academic research"- £48,000

    Case studies - Interim PDF document(192Kb), Final PDF document(203Kb)
  • University of Abertay Dundee
    "The Dare Repository" - £43,000

    Case studies - Interim PDF document(166Kb), Final PDF document(374Kb)
  • University of Portsmouth
    "IPASS (Intellectual Property Advice and Support Service)"- £30,000

    Case studies - Interim PDF document(181Kb), Final PDF document(630Kb)
  • University of Leicester
    "Student Ventures: a bridge to more effective Knowledge Transfer"- £18,000

    Case studies - Interim PDF document(199Kb), Final PDF document(167Kb)
  • University of Bradford
    "The sharing of technology transfer protocols relating to the research exemptions across a range of regional public sector institutions" - £11,000

    Case studies - Interim PDF document(172Kb), Final PDF document(172Kb)

Full descriptions of all winning entries are available in our 2012 winning entries PDF document(39Kb) information booklet.

2011 Competition

2011 Fast Forward Competition


A total of 70 entries PDF document(154Kb) were received for the 2011 Fast Forward competition, of which 10 were successful.


  • University of Nottingham in partnership with the Design Council
    "Design for Technology Transfer"- £100,000
    Case study PDF document(1.21Mb)
  • London College of Fashion
    "Protecting the Fashion Economy" - £80,000
    Case study PDF document(216Kb)
  • University of Glasgow in partnership with King’s College London and the University of Bristol
    "Easy Access Innovation Partnership" - £80,000
    Case study PDF document(325Kb)
  • MRC Harwell
    "Pump-priming the Harwell Oxford knowledge transfer ecosystem" - £75,000
    Case study PDF document(271Kb)
  • University of Surrey
    "South East IP Bank (SEIPB)" - £75,000
    Case study PDF document(315Kb)
  • University College London
    "E-Lucid" - £60,000
    Case study PDF document(294Kb)
  • Aberystwyth University
    "A model for the rapid commercialisation of university software: Effective use of copyright and trade marks" - £30,000
    Case study PDF document(1.56Mb)
  • Social Innovation in Business Partnership (SIIB), University of the West of England
    "Innovating in social enterprises to benefit business and community" - £25,000
    Case study PDF document(228Kb)
  • Oxford University Computing Services (OUCS), University of Oxford
    "Hagen" - £20,000
    Case study PDF document(256Kb)
  • Leicester BioMed Collaboration, University of Leicester
    "Driving Innovation from Bench to the Bedside" - £17,000
    Case study PDF document(206Kb)

Full descriptions of all winning entries are available in our 2011 winning entries PDF document(38Kb) information booklet.