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Lambert Tool kit

The Lambert toolkit is for universities and companies that wish to undertake collaborative research projects with each other.

The toolkit consists of a set of five Model Research Collaboration (one to one) Agreements numbered 1-5 and four Consortium (multi-party) Agreements lettered A-D and documents that should help you to use and understand those agreements. The toolkit was prepared by the Lambert Working Group on Intellectual Property.

Innovation and Compromise

The aim of the model agreements is to maximise innovation. They have not been developed with the aim of maximising the commercial return to the universities; but to encourage university and industry collaboration and the sharing of knowledge. They do not represent an ideal position for any party; depending on the circumstances they are designed to represent a workable and reasonable compromise for both or all parties.

Model Research Collaboration Agreements (one to one)

There are five model Research Collaboration agreements devised by the Lambert Working Group. Their use is optional, but they could help you save time and money when negotiating.

Model Consortium Agreements (multi-party)

The four model Lambert Consortium Agreements use the same terminology and have the same structure as the five Research Collaboration Agreements, but contain additional provisions to cover some of the complications that arise as a result of having more than two parties.

Decision guide

The Decision Guide consists of a series of questions to help you choose which of the five model research collaboration agreements most closely meets your requirements.

Guidance notes

The Guidance Notes are designed to help you understand the terms of the model agreements and some of the legal issues.

The Outlines

There are two Outlines, one for the Research Collaboration Agreements and one for the Consortium Agreements. The Outlines are designed to help you identify the main issues that you may need to discuss internally and with your collaborators before drafting an agreement, to ensure that you have similar expectations for the proposed project.

Lambert Materials and Copyright

Details about copyright issues relating to the materials are available.