Welcome to IPO’s online support tools. These have been designed to help you:

  • Understand how IP works and what can be protected using patents, copyright, trade marks and designs
  • Understand how to manage and use IP
  • Consider IP within business planning
  • Best leverage IP to protect investments and products

The tools are designed for businesses, business advisors, students, lecturers, civil and crown servants although they will be helpful for anyone learning how to manage or use IP.


This website hosts the Intellectual Property Office’s (IPO) online support tools only. Please see the website Terms and Conditions that apply to this website. This website is not the IPO’s rights granting services. To access the IPO’s rights granting services visit ipo.gov.uk Some different terms and conditions apply to use of the IPO’s rights granting services. You will need to log-in separately to access the IPO’s rights granting services. We recommend setting a strong and separate password for your IPO rights granting service log-in.


They are free to use and once registered, you will have access to the following resources: