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Hearing Officer
Mr B Buchanan
Decision date
13 January 2020
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Lenovo (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
Provisions discussed
PA 1977 section 1(2)(c)
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The present invention relates to disambiguating user handwriting input to a computing device via a touchscreen; in other words to more closely match a detected user input with what was intended. It works by processing handwriting strokes to determine candidate input words, spell-checking these and then ranking the results based on combined weighted scores of both the candidate and spell-check words. A ranked list is displayed to a user and the top ranked result is provided as an input to a software application running on the device.

The Hearing Officer followed the four step Aerotel test to determine whether there was a technical contribution. He applied the relevant AT&T signposts as modified in HTC v Apple and the wider reasoning in that decision. He paid close attention to the breadth of the contribution and the field of endeavour as considered in Landmark Graphics. The contribution was found to provide the required technical effect and to meet the requirements of section 1(2)(c). The application was remitted to the examiner for processing under section 18(3) before grant.

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