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Hearing Officer
Mr H Jones
Decision date
2 August 2018
Person(s) or Company(s) involved
Khalil Arafat
Provisions discussed
Sections 1(1)(b) and 1(2)(c)
Excluded fields (allowed), Inventive step
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The invention relates to a system for verifying the authenticity of printed sheet material and comprises an arrangement of scanners, printers and a central database in communication with each other. Invisible markings on sheet material can be linked in the database to a security marking provided on packaging material around the sheet products. A user of sheet material can register itself as the authorised registrant of the sheet material within the central database, for example when printing onto it, and other parties with access to a further scanner connected to the database can verify the provenance of the sheet material. The hearing officer found that the apparatus involved an inventive step over the prior art and that it did not relate to a business method. The application was remitted to the examiner.

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