Patent decision

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Hearing Officer
Mr B Micklewright
Decision date
8 July 2021
Person(s) or Company(s) involved
Arm Limited and Apical Ltd
Provisions discussed
Patents Act 1977 sections 1(1)(d), 1(2)
Excluded fields (allowed), Excluded fields (refused)
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The invention relates to classifying objects in sequential sets of image frames representing a dynamic scene. The crux of the invention relates to selecting subsets of object definitions from categorization data in a first and second object classification cycle in dependence on control data from an external data source. This object definition data may be in a hierarchical form with coarse-level and fine-level definitions, e.g. the class “Animal” could have a subclass “2 legged” which could have a further subclass “Human”. The hearing officer decided that the invention related to a program for a computer as such but found that claims 3 and 4, which carried out these steps in response to data representing availability of a system resource of the image processing system, were allowable. He therefore provided an opportunity for the applicants to limit their claims to the features of claims 3 and 4.

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