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O/412/19 GB1513401.8 Adobe Systems Inc Dr L Cullen 17 July 2019
O/402/19 GB1522448.8 ABB Technology AG Mr S Brown 12 July 2019
O/401/19 GB1513413.4 Adobe Inc Mr H Jones 12 July 2019
O/398/19 GB1519259.4 Lenovo (Singapore) Pte. Ltd Mr P Thorpe 12 July 2019
O/397/19 GB1513414.1 Adobe Systems Incorporated Mr H Jones 12 July 2019
O/395/19 GB1512512.3 Adobe Systems Incorporated Mr H Jones 12 July 2019
O/386/19 EP(UK)1989346 Darvan Invest N. V., Mrs S Eaves 10 July 2019
O/375/19 GB1502844.2 Motorola Solutions Inc. Mr P Mason 5 July 2019
O/370/19 GB1518601.8 Eurotherm Ltd Mrs S E Chalmers 2 July 2019
O/369/19 GB2463079 Balfour Beatty Plc Dr J E Porter 1 July 2019
O/360/19 GB1513354.9, GB1513362.2, GB1513405.9 Adobe Mr H Jones 27 June 2019
O/354/19 GB1811529.5 California Institute of Technology and Thermo Fischer Scientific (Bremen) GmbH Mr B Micklewright 25 June 2019
O/346/19 GB 1116612.1 Fisher-Rosemount Systems, Inc. Miss J Pullen 19 June 2019
O/325/19 GB1715687.8 Google LLC Mrs C L Davies 7 June 2019
O/310/19 GB151957.0 Lenovo (Singapore) Pte. Ltd Mr S Brown 3 June 2019
O/304/19 GB1513640.1 Adobe Inc Mrs S E Chalmers 31 May 2019
O/303/19 GB1513017.2 Adobe Inc Mrs S E Chalmers 31 May 2019
O/302/19 GB1512827.5 Adobe Inc Mrs S E Chalmers 31 May 2019
O/291/19 GB2451719, GB2496951 Rockwool International A/S and Knauf Insulation Limited Mr H Jones 28 May 2019
O/287/19 GB1222279.0 Ariadne Insight Limited Mr B Buchanan 28 May 2019
O/286/19 GB1306492.8 ABB Technology AG Mr B Micklewright 24 May 2019
O/282/19 GB1417440.3 Mr Roger West Dr L Cullen 23 May 2019
O/254/19 GB1811532.9 California Institute of Technology, and Thermo Fisher Scientific (Bremen) GmbH Mr B Micklewright 15 May 2019
O/251/19 GB1605739.0 Mr. Brian Eke Miss J Pullen 13 May 2019
O/241/19 GB1514871.1 Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology Mr H Jones 9 May 2019
O/234/19 GB2537810 Anthony Brian Mallows and Abmwaterstop Ltd Mr P Thorpe 7 May 2019
O/218/19 GB1314522.2 Batesville Services Inc Mr P Thorpe 26 April 2019
O/180/19 GB1815310.6 Gelliner Limited Mr B Buchanan 4 April 2019
O/179/19 GB1414511.4 Gelliner Limited Mr B Buchanan 4 April 2019
O/164/19 GB1312503.4 ABB Inc. Miss J Pullen 28 March 2019
O/158/19 EP(UK)1319644, EP(UK)1453781 Merck Patent GmbH, Martin Erdmann, Walter Hamm & Stefan Christ Mrs S Eaves 26 March 2019
O/157/19 GB1805305.8 Quando Services Inc. Dr L Cullen 26 March 2019
O/151/19 GB2393487, GB2508779 Nut Security Products Limited, Mr Ernest Randolph Craig, Mr Richard Anthony Heggie V SafteyTrim Worldwide Holdings Limited Mr H Jones 22 March 2019
O/148/19 GB1115638.7 Fisher-Rosemount Systems Inc Mr B Buchanan 22 March 2019
O/147/19 GB2545879B International Safety Components Ltd v DMM International Ltd Mr S Probert 22 March 2019
O/145/19 GB1517570.6 Norcros Group (Holdings) Limited Mr P Mason 20 March 2019
O/129/19 1212805.4, 1815543.2 International Business Machines Corporation Mr B Micklewright 8 March 2019
O/128/19 GB1308715.0 Arris Enterprises, Inc Mrs S E Chalmers 7 March 2019
O/127/19 GB2543968B Cocogreen (UK) Ltd v Botanicoir Limited Mr S Probert 8 March 2019
O/117/19 GB1801081.9, GB1804424.8, GB1808466.5 Corethree Ltd Mr P Mason 28 February 2019
O/099/19 GB2403500 Highway Care Ltd v Laura Metaal Eygelshoven BV Mr H Jones 19 February 2019
O/094/19 GB1506976.8 Encompass Corporation Pty Ltd Mr P Thorpe 18 February 2019
O/092/19 EP(UK)3243543 Gerresheimer Regensburg GmbH, Jörg Großer, Udo Leuschner and Vaclav Vojan Mrs S Eaves 18 February 2019
O/087/19 GB1620396.0 Walmart Apollo, LLC Mrs C L Davies 14 February 2019
O/080/19 GB1520033.0 Alvin Stanley Lawrence Mrs S E Chalmers 12 February 2019
O/079/19 GB1602260.0 Bizagi Group Ltd Mr P Mason 11 February 2019
O/075/19 GB2544126 Servelec Technologies Limited, Michael Crowther, Mark Howe and Tom Laxton Mrs S Eaves 5 February 2019
O/073/19 GB2477602 & GB248784 Johnson Matthey Public Limited Company, Dirk Aderhold, Guy Richard Chandler and others Mrs S Eaves 5 February 2019
O/057/19 GB1212698.3 Masimo Corporation Mr B Buchanan 28 January 2019
O/042/19 GB 1420108.1 International Business Machines Corporation Mr S Brown 22 January 2019
O/033/19 EP3115508 Wirtgen GmbH, Philip Verhaelen, Cyrus Barimani, Günter Hähn, Juri Wagner, Stefan Jentsch, Bastian Schings, Dr. Kevin Helmut Schmitz and Dr. Felix Johannes Van Der Beek Mrs S Eaves 18 January 2019
O/029/19 GB1116031.4 General Electric Company Mrs S E Chalmers 16 January 2019
O/020/19 GB1500399.9, GB1604348.1 Tracy Buckland Mr P Mason 11 January 2019
O/012/19 GB1811004.9 Akron Brass Company Mr B Buchanan 9 January 2019
O/827/18 GB1116407.6 Fariborz Entezami Mr B Micklewright 21 December 2018
O/824/18 GB1317801.7 Philip Davies Mr P Thorpe 20 December 2018
O/823/18 GB1518591.1 Lenovo (Singapore) PTE. LTD Mr S Brown 20 December 2018
O/820/18 GB2523863 Biocompatibles UK Limited, Stéphane Hohn, Andrew Lennard Lewis, Sean Leo Willis, Matthew Dreher, Koorosh Ashrafi and Yiqing Tang Mrs J Roberts 20 December 2018
O/809/18 GB1404925.8 Hitachi, Ltd. Mr H Jones 14 December 2018
O/807/18 GB1403059.7 Peter Branton Mr B Micklewright 14 December 2018
O/800/18 GB1609164.7 Motorola Solutions Inc. Mr P Thorpe 13 December 2018
O/787/18 GB1113568.8 Fisher-Rosemount Systems, Inc. Mrs S E Chalmers 11 December 2018
O/770/18 GB1323148.5 Stoneware, Inc. Mr H Jones 30 November 2018
O/763/18 GB2538424, GB2558804, GB2558805, GB2558806, GB2558807, GB2559506, GB2559507, GB2560465, GB2560606, GB2560607, GB2560651, GB2560652, GB2560653, GB2560660 Juul Labs UK Holdco Limited, James Monsees, Adam Bowen, Nicholas Hatton, Steven Christensen, Ariel Atkins, Kevin Lomeli, Christopher Nicholas HibmaCronan and Joshua Morenstein Mrs J Roberts 28 November 2018
O/760/18 EP2964491 K.L. Kaschier-Und Laminier GmbH, Albert Roring and Rembert Schulze Wehninck Mrs J Roberts 27 November 2018
O/758/18 GB1808397.2 Blackhawk Network, Inc. et al Miss J Pullen 27 November 2018
O/748/18 GB1120938.4 Suunto OY Mr P Mason 23 November 2018
O/741/18 GB1601064.7 Virtual Reading Gym (PTY) Ltd Mrs C L Davies 20 November 2018
O/734/18 GB1501383.2 Lenovo (Singapore) PTE. LTD Mr S Brown 15 November 2018
O/701/18 EP2049885 Dr Geoffrey Diamond and the University of Warwick Mr P Thorpe 7 November 2018
O/683/18 GB2393487, GB2508779 Nut Security Products Limited and SafetyTrim Worldwide Holdings Limited Mr H Jones 31 October 2018
O/681/18 GB1012376.8 Attomarker Limited. Mrs C L Davies 30 October 2018
O/670/18 GB1210896.5 General Electric Company Mr H Jones 22 October 2018
O/642/18 GB2540293 Sinclair Pharmaceuticals Limited Mr H Jones 12 October 2018
O/637/18 EP3006335 IrvinGQ Limited, Martyn Philip Jones, Alex David Wyn Howell and James Alexander Greig Mrs J Roberts 10 October 2018
O/621/18 GB1212468.1 Intuit Inc. Mr P Thorpe 4 October 2018
O/620/18 EP1059899 Haddenham Healthcare Ltd v Pawel Sawlewicz Mr S Probert 5 October 2018
O/618/18 WO14/077724A1 IT-ACS Limitedand Federal Agency for Legal Protection of Military, Special and Duel Use Intellectual Activity Results et al. Mr P Thorpe 2 October 2018
O/580/18 EP(UK)0736030B1, SPC/GB06/007 Merck Sharp & Dohme Corporation Dr L Cullen 19 September 2018
O/579/18 GB1219768.7 EOS Neuroscience, Inc. & Wake Forest University Health Sciences, Inc. Dr L Cullen 18 September 2018
O/569/18 GB1421455.5 Lenovo (Singapore) Pte. Ltd Dr J E Porter 12 September 2018
O/553/18 GB 2545414 A Mr Anthony Waithe v Dyson Technology Ltd Mr S Probert 6 September 2018
O/540/18 GB2518906 Ms Aisha Kasim Mr G J Rose'Meyer 29 August 2018
O/534/18 EP(UK)1522638 Burren Precast Concrete Ltd Mr P Thorpe 28 August 2018
O/521/18 GB2466902 Rosie Vernon v Christopher Ebejer and Paul Wickens Mr P Thorpe 22 August 2018
O/518/18 GB1713249.9 Motoko Hazama Miss J Pullen 22 August 2018
O/509/18 GB1410082.0 Globoforce Limited Mrs S E Chalmers 16 August 2018
O/500/18 GB1500009.4, GB1803483.7, GB1807346.0 Pacific Biosciences of California, Inc. Mrs C L Davies 14 August 2018
O/494/18 GB1621211.0 Google LLC Dr L Cullen 9 August 2018
O/488/18 EP2003466 Eryk Szweryn and Lukasz Strzalkowski Mr P Thorpe 7 August 2018
O/479/18 GB1502999.4 Khalil Arafat Mr H Jones 2 August 2018
O/442/18 GB2547208 Drayson Technologies (Europe) Limited, Manuel Pinuela Rangel, Alessandro Revelant, Alessandro Vinco, Bruno Roberto Franciscatto, Lewis Freeth Harpham and Brian Krejcarek Mrs S Eaves 20 July 2018
O/440/18 EP2850128 Graham Packaging Company, L.P. Mrs S Eaves 20 July 2018
O/439/18 EP2422939 Deakin University, Ben Horan, Asim Bhatti, Nahavandi Saeid and Zoran Najdovski Mrs S Eaves 20 July 2018
O/438/18 GB2548978 Beijing Youan Hospital, Capital Medical University Mrs S Eaves 20 July 2018
O/396/18 EP1352845 Encore Envelopes Ltd v Heritage Envelopes Ltd Mr S Probert 27 June 2018
O/355/18 WO14/077724 IT-ACS Limited and Federal Agency for Legal Protection of Military, Special and Duel Use Intellectual Activity Results et al Mr P Thorpe 12 June 2018
O/340/18 GB1309217.6 BARBARA CROSSLEY Mr B Micklewright 6 June 2018
O/327/18 PCT/CA13/00535 Prosyscor Limited v Netsweeper Inc., Netsweeper (Barbados) Inc. and Jeremy Erb Mr H Jones 25 May 2018
O/325/18 GB1506763.0 CANON KABUSHIKI KAISHA Mr P Mason 24 May 2018
O/313/18 GB1314716.0 David Woodward Mr P Thorpe 22 May 2018
O/298/18 GB1306615.4 Barclays Bank PLC Mr S Brown 16 May 2018
O/283/18 GB13025451.6 Emerson Process Management Power and Water Solutions Inc Mrs S E Chalmers 10 May 2018
O/272/18 GB1115955.5, GB2494673 Jonathan Lee Clarke Mr G J Rose'Meyer 3 May 2018
O/261/18 GB2351815 Fisher-Rosemount Systems, Inc., William G. Irwin, David L. Deitz and Godfrey R. Sherriff Mrs S Eaves 26 April 2018
O/246/18 EP(UK)1522638 Burren Precast Concrete Ltd and Carlow Precast Concrete Engineering Mr P Thorpe 20 April 2018
O/245/18 EP(UK)2308855 Novartis AG V Urquhart-Dykes & Lord LLP Mr P Thorpe 19 April 2018
O/232/18 GB1122241.1 Avaya Inc. Mr B Micklewright 12 April 2018
O/209/18 GB1210743.9 Vetana Medical Systems Dr J E Porter 3 April 2018
O/206/18 GB1403069.6, GB1701773.2 Corethree Ltd Mrs C L Davies 29 March 2018
O/199/18 GB1513016.4 Adobe Systems Incorporated Dr J Houlihan 28 March 2018
O/194/18 1421397.9 Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd Mr H Jones 27 March 2018
O/175/18 EP(UK)2071737 Top Optimized Technologies, SL & TOT Power Control, SL v Vodafone Group Ltd Mr H Jones 16 March 2018
O/163/18 GB2466902 Rosie Vernon V Christopher Ebejer and Paul Wickens Mr P Thorpe 14 March 2018
O/155/18 GB1618564.7 Landmark Graphics Corporation Mr H Jones 12 March 2018
O/154/18 GB1616731.4 Landmark Graphics Corporation Mr H Jones 9 March 2018
O/148/18 GB1601420.1 Landmark Graphics Corporation Mr H Jones 8 March 2018
O/143/18 GB1600340.5 Landmark Graphics Corporation Mr H Jones 7 March 2018
O/142/18 GB1613009.8 Greydog Ventures Ltd Mr B Micklewright 7 March 2018
O/140/18 GB1600695.9 Landmark Graphics Corporation Mr H Jones 7 March 2018
O/139/18 EP(UK)2873591 Compagnie Plastic Omnium, Ondrej Salamon, Luzian Gawellek and Andreas Langer Mrs S Eaves 6 March 2018
O/138/18 GB1600691.8, GB1600693.4, GB1600697.5, GB1600698.3 Landmark Graphics Corporation Mr H Jones 5 March 2018
O/128/18 GB1400793.4 Nuna International B.V. Mr S Brown 26 February 2018
O/121/18 EP1059899 Haddenham Healthcare Ltd and Pawel Sawlewicz Mr H Jones 22 February 2018
O/113/18 GB1309088.1 Reward Technology Limited Mr S Brown 20 February 2018
O/112/18 GB1600694.2, GB1600696.7, GB1600702.3, GB1600703.1, GB1600704.9, GB1600705.6, GB1600706.4 Landmark Graphics Corporation Mr H Jones 20 February 2018
O/107/18 1311099.4, 1418792.6 Avaya Inc. Mr P Mason 16 February 2018
O/104/18 GB1401780.0 Avaya Inc. Mr P Thorpe 15 February 2018
O/097/18 GB1112924.4 Avaya Inc Mr S Brown 13 February 2018
O/078/18 EP(UK)2807721, EP(UK)2807722 Sew-Eurodrive GmbH & Co. KG, Florian Dreher and Nejila Parspour Mrs S Eaves 1 February 2018
O/069/18 GB1411459.9 Quikserve Limited Dr J Houlihan 30 January 2018
O/068/18 GB2468836 Phyto Holdings Ltd v Citrox Biosciences Ltd Mr S Probert 30 January 2018
O/060/18 GB1613335.7 Soliton Holdings Corporation Delaware Corporation Miss J Pullen 25 January 2018
O/044/18 GB1611647.7 Martin-Baker Aircraft Co. Limited Mr B Buchanan 22 January 2018
O/034/18 EP(UK)2350573 Robert Bosch Automotive Steering GmbH, Walter Hirning and Thomas Kühnhöfer Mrs S Eaves 16 January 2018
O/027/18 GB1407732.5 Snap-on Incorporated Miss J Pullen 11 January 2018
O/014/18 GB2521785 Cornelius, Inc., Starbucks Corporation D/B/A Starbucks Coffee Company, David K Njaastad, Diane D Terry, Paul N Camera, E. Scott Sevcik and Peter S. Tinucci Mrs S Eaves 5 January 2018
O/664/17 GB1001877.8 Ajit Lalvani, KArtar Singh Lalvani and Robert Taylor Dr J Houlihan 21 December 2017
O/660/17 GB1404625.4 Cummins-Allison Corp. Dr J E Porter 21 December 2017
O/657/17 GB1606291.1 Halliburton Energy Services, Inc Mrs C L Davies 20 December 2017
O/656/17 GB1407786.1 Snap-On Incorporated Mr P Thorpe 20 December 2017
O/650/17 GB1216175.8 Walmart Stores Inc Mrs C L Davies 19 December 2017
O/629/17 EP2049885 Dr Geoffrey Diamond v University of Warwick Mr P Thorpe 7 December 2017
O/623/17 GB1402766.8 Munckin Inc Mrs S E Chalmers 6 December 2017
O/606/17 GB2495116 Barbeques Galore (Aust) Pty Limited, Hung Mei Lien, Chih Jen Lin, Hsien Chih Chien, Stephen John Spencer and Peter Anderson Mrs S Eaves 29 November 2017
O/599/17 1405589.1 James Anthony Powell Mrs C L Davies 28 November 2017
O/580/17 GB1202345.3 Xerox Corporation Mr S Brown 20 November 2017
O/570/17 EP2628544 Alfa Laval Corporate AB, Syncrude Canada Ltd, Leonard Borgström, Lasse Hurnasti, Daniel John Bulbuc, David Harold Childs, Thaddeus Eugene Kizior and Kevin Reid Mrs S Eaves 15 November 2017
O/512/17 GB1102439.5 Avaya Inc Dr J E Porter 12 October 2017
O/500/17 GB2350394B Ninefields Holdings Ltd Mr S Probert 11 October 2017
O/467/17 EP2736804 Learjet Inc., Short Brothers Plc, James D. Hawkins, Harris Butler and Mihalis Veletas Mrs S Eaves 29 September 2017
O/464/17 GB1106168.6 Avaya Inc. Mr H Jones 27 September 2017
O/461/17 GB1521897.7 ProProcure Limited Mr B Buchanan 26 September 2017
O/455/17 GB1103056.6 Fisher-Rosemount Systems, Inc. Dr J E Porter 21 September 2017
O/425/17 GB1505288.9, GB1505308.5 ABB Technology AG Miss J Pullen 11 September 2017
O/424/17 GB1519439.2 ABB Technology AG Miss J Pullen 11 September 2017
O/420/17 GB1313173.5 Statoil Petroleum AS Mr H Jones 7 September 2017
O/406/17 GB2423145 B Jarvis V Ticknall Solar Ltd Mr S Probert 30 August 2017
O/402/17 GB1319727.2 Appa Music Group UG Mr H Jones 25 August 2017
O/395/17 GB2462487 Gareth James Humphreys Mr G J Rose'Meyer 21 August 2017
O/390/17 GB1405236.9 Accipiter Radar Technologies Inc. Dr L Cullen 17 August 2017
O/388/17 EP(UK)2069635 A.E.B. S.R.L. Mr G J Rose'Meyer 18 August 2017
O/382/17 GB2540895 Virida Inc, Phillip Travisano, Roberts Jansen, Noa Lapidot, James Alan Lawson, Michael Zviely, Neta Matis, Lee Madsen and Bassem Hallac Mrs S Eaves 14 August 2017
O/381/17 GB1018608.8 Agilent Technologies Inc, Dr L Cullen 11 August 2017
O/373/17 GB1202590.4 Lexisnexis Mr P Mason 8 August 2017
O/367/17 GB1014297.4 Duncan James Parfitt Dr L Cullen 4 August 2017
O/366/17 GB1507654.0 Derrick Green Mr B Micklewright 3 August 2017
O/364/17 1609028.4 Google inc. Mr P Mason 1 August 2017
O/362/17 EP0908629 Cummins Limited, John Fuller, Pierre Bernard French, Michael David Dolton Mrs S Eaves 31 July 2017
O/361/17 GB1314647.7 Jethro Bennett Dr J E Porter 31 July 2017
O/360/17 GB2526853 NSF Controls Limited, Kenneth Pickles and Aaron Bains Mrs S Eaves 28 July 2017
O/350/17 EP(UK)1690772 Saunders and Dolleymore V Keter Plastics Ltd Mr H Jones 24 July 2017
O/349/17 GB1116597.4 Thoughtwire Holdings Corp Mr A Bartlett 24 July 2017
O/344/17 GB1213723.8 Geodesixs inc Mr A Bartlett 20 July 2017
O/334/17 GB1607337.1 Ensign Advanced Systems Limited Dr J E Porter 17 July 2017
O/332/17 GB1413379.7 Rex Edward Michau Dr J Houlihan 14 July 2017
O/326/17 GB1211237.1 The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Mrs S E Chalmers 13 July 2017
O/325/17 EP1295550B1 John Horsfall & Sons (Greetland) Ltd v Robert J. MacDonald Mr S Probert 14 July 2017
O/320/17 EP2598313 CL Schutzrechtsverwaltungs GmbH et al and Renishaw plc Mr H Jones 12 July 2017
O/318/17 GB 2478028 B Linpac Packaging Ltd v Ingenium IP Ltd Mr S Probert 13 July 2017
O/313/17 GB1312256.9 Woodward MPC Inc. Mr H Jones 7 July 2017
O/310/17 GB1305933.2 Vernon Francois Mr S Brown 6 July 2017
O/307/17 GB1510481.3 Mr Martin Lister Mrs C L Davies 5 July 2017
O/299/17 GB1114727.9 Ford Global Technologies, LLC Mr B Micklewright 28 June 2017
O/298/17 GB1203886.5 Thomas Michael Anderson Mr A Bartlett 28 June 2017
O/297/17 GB1207457.1 Cadio INC Mr B Buchanan 12 July 2017
O/292/17 EP (UK) 1226324B Turner Fabrication Trading Limited Mr P Thorpe 23 June 2017
O/287/17 GB2537025 Tavismanor Limited V Barry Peter Liversidge and Geroge Henri Liversidge Mrs S Eaves 22 June 2017
O/286/17 LIT131788 IT-ACS Limited V FSBI FALPIAR Mr H Jones 20 June 2017
O/276/17 GB1307847.2 , GB1700269.2 Mr Martin Alexander Hay Mrs C L Davies 7 June 2017
O/272/17 GB 1316258.1 Yo! Homes Limited Mr P Mason 6 June 2017
O/268/17 GB1307841.5 Barclays Bank plc Mr H Jones 5 June 2017
O/260/17 GB1116796.2 Christopher Curtis Mr B Micklewright 1 June 2017
O/259/17 GB1411984.6 Palantir Technologies, Inc Mr P Mason 1 June 2017
O/255/17 GB1204971.4 Tata Consultancy Services Limited Mr S Brown 25 May 2017
O/246/17 GB1505495.0 Fisher-Rosemount Systems Inc. Mr S Brown 22 May 2017
O/245/17 GB2530205 Barlean’s Organic Oils, LLC, John Puckett and Mark S. Lemna Mrs S Eaves 22 May 2017
O/228/17 GB2423145B Tim Jarvis v Ticknall Solar Ltd Mr S Probert 15 May 2017
O/227/17 GB1021915.2 Cordek Limited Dr J Houlihan 12 May 2017
O/219/17 GB1010141.8 Duncan James Parfitt Mrs C L Davies 9 May 2017
O/211/17 EP12881144.5 Jack Sealy Limited Mr P Thorpe 4 May 2017
O/210/17 GB1400294.3 Trillium Technology AB Mr P Thorpe 2 May 2017
O/209/17 GB1319702.5 Logined BV Dr J E Porter 28 April 2017
O/198/17 GB1312856.6 F Secure Corporation Dr L Cullen 24 April 2017
O/194/17 GB2463079 Carillion Construction Limited and Balfour Beatty plc Mr H Jones 24 April 2017
O/193/17 GB 1019825.7 Kube Partners Limited Mrs S E Chalmers 20 April 2017
O/188/17 GB2456085B Fox International Group Limited Dr J E Porter 13 April 2017
O/160/17 GB1111103.6 McAlpine & Co Limited Mr B Buchanan 4 April 2017
O/146/17 GB1015891.3 Fisher-Rosemount Systems, Inc. Mr H Jones 27 March 2017
O/145/17 GGB1313714.6 BQR Reliability Engineering Ltd and Ariel University Research and Development Company Ltd. Mr S Brown 27 March 2017
O/138/17 EP1295550 John Horsfall & Sons (Greetland) Ltd V Robert J MacDonald Mr S Probert 23 March 2017
O/112/17 GB1204489.7 Theresa Jane Pope & Hayley Marie Leete Dr J Houlihan 13 March 2017
O/111/17 GB2513026 Tom Schultheis and Jethro Bennett Mrs S Eaves 13 March 2017
O/110/17 GB2504797 Tom Schultheis, Jethro Bennett and Toni Schultheis Mrs S Eaves 10 March 2017
O/093/17 EP2487312 Hella KGaA Hueck & Co, Julsta Werke Huls GmbH & Co. KG, Jurgen Heinrich and Christof Hoffjann Mrs S Eaves 7 March 2017
O/092/17 GB2463079 Carillion Construction Limited V Balfour Beatty Plc Mr P Slater 1 March 2017
O/077/17 GB2440109B The BVG Airflo Group Limited v Dyson Technologies Limited Mr H Jones 20 February 2017
O/056/17 GB 1021051.6 Mr Roger William Hall Mrs C L Davies 13 February 2017
O/050/17 GB1318518.7 Dr Sade Tolani Miss J Pullen 9 February 2017
O/048/17 PCT/US2010/058585 Ingenza Limited Mr H Jones 7 February 2017
O/047/17 GB1209146.8 Peter John Bayram Mr B Micklewright 7 February 2017
O/035/17 GB 1300053.4 The Regents of the University of California Mr P Mason 31 January 2017
O/031/17 GB1514027.0 Acumen Design Associates Ltd Mr H Jones 26 January 2017
O/012/17 GB2503963 MWUK Ltd v Fashion at Work Ltd Mr H Jones 12 January 2017
O/001/17 GB1415353.0 Element Six Technologies US Corporation Dr L Cullen 3 January 2017