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O/446/22 GB 2107140.2 Perspectum Diagnostics Ltd Mr P Mason 24 May 2022
O/018/22 GB1805236.5 Unanimous A.I. Inc Mr H Jones 11 January 2022
O/749/21 GB1805684.6 Imagination Technologies Limited Mr B Micklewright 11 October 2021
O/701/21 GB1511914.2 Lookout, Inc. Mr B Buchanan 24 September 2021
O/519/21 GB1808595.1 Arm Limited and Apical Ltd Mr B Micklewright 8 July 2021
O/420/21 GB1622135.0 , GB2100545.9 Imagination Technologies Limited Mr S Brown 4 June 2021
O/296/21 GB1808323.8 Imagination Technologies Limited Miss J Pullen 22 April 2021
O/141/21 GB1403617.2 Fisher-Rosemount Systems Inc Mr P Thorpe 5 March 2021
O/333/20 GB1604161.8 Dr. Wei Wu Mr B Buchanan 23 June 2020
O/017/20 GB1522321.7 Lenovo (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. Mr B Buchanan 13 January 2020
O/774/19 GB1813830.5 ION Geophysical Corporation Mrs C L Davies 16 December 2019
O/611/19 GB1715687.8 Google LLC Mrs C L Davies 9 October 2019
O/461/19 1501493.9 Suunto OY Mr P Mason 8 August 2019
O/375/19 GB1502844.2 Motorola Solutions Inc. Mr P Mason 5 July 2019
O/346/19 GB 1116612.1 Fisher-Rosemount Systems, Inc. Miss J Pullen 19 June 2019
O/286/19 GB1306492.8 ABB Technology AG Mr B Micklewright 24 May 2019
O/148/19 GB1115638.7 Fisher-Rosemount Systems Inc Mr B Buchanan 22 March 2019
O/128/19 GB1308715.0 Arris Enterprises, Inc Mrs S E Chalmers 7 March 2019
O/029/19 GB1116031.4 General Electric Company Mrs S E Chalmers 16 January 2019
O/809/18 GB1404925.8 Hitachi, Ltd. Mr H Jones 14 December 2018
O/748/18 GB1120938.4 Suunto OY Mr P Mason 23 November 2018
O/479/18 GB1502999.4 Khalil Arafat Mr H Jones 2 August 2018
O/155/18 GB1618564.7 Landmark Graphics Corporation Mr H Jones 12 March 2018
O/154/18 GB1616731.4 Landmark Graphics Corporation Mr H Jones 9 March 2018
O/148/18 GB1601420.1 Landmark Graphics Corporation Mr H Jones 8 March 2018
O/143/18 GB1600340.5 Landmark Graphics Corporation Mr H Jones 7 March 2018
O/140/18 GB1600695.9 Landmark Graphics Corporation Mr H Jones 7 March 2018
O/138/18 GB1600691.8, GB1600693.4, GB1600697.5, GB1600698.3 Landmark Graphics Corporation Mr H Jones 5 March 2018
O/112/18 GB1600694.2, GB1600696.7, GB1600702.3, GB1600703.1, GB1600704.9, GB1600705.6, GB1600706.4 Landmark Graphics Corporation Mr H Jones 20 February 2018
O/390/17 GB1405236.9 Accipiter Radar Technologies Inc. Dr L Cullen 17 August 2017
O/334/17 GB1607337.1 Ensign Advanced Systems Limited Dr J E Porter 17 July 2017
O/246/17 GB1505495.0 Fisher-Rosemount Systems Inc. Mr S Brown 22 May 2017
O/312/15 GB1109923.1 The Boeing Company Miss J Pullen 6 July 2015
O/453/14 GB1119833.0 Toshiba Research Limited Mr H Jones 21 October 2014
O/435/14 GB1313219.6 Gene Onyx Limited Dr L Cullen 8 October 2014
O/371/14 GB 1201052.6 Sustainable Energy and Heating Systems Ltd Miss J Pullen 19 August 2014
O/179/14 GB1217392.8 Research In Motion Limited Mr H Jones 24 April 2014
O/438/12 GB0817814.7 Fisher-Rosemount Systems, Inc Mr H Jones 12 November 2012
O/390/12 GB0809880.8 Fisher-Rosemount Systems, Inc Mr B Buchanan 9 October 2012
O/096/12 GB 0807865.1, GB 0807867.7 VMware Inc Mr P Thorpe 9 March 2012
O/018/12 GB0624556.7 General Electric Company Mr H Jones 20 January 2012
O/466/11 GB 0906015.3 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. Dr J E Porter 21 December 2011
O/415/11 GB0616189.7 VB UK IP Limited Miss J Pullen 23 November 2011
O/373/11 GB0902255.9 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. Dr J E Porter 27 October 2011
O/163/11 GB0919376.4 New Voice Media Ltd Mr P Mason 13 May 2011
O/361/10 GB0710637.0 The Honey Pot Trust Mr H Jones 21 October 2010
O/117/10 GB0710612.3 Forensic Science Service Limited Mr H Jones 16 April 2010
O/089/10 GB0613207.0 Suunto OY Mr S Brown 15 March 2010
O/058/10 GB2415387 Virulite Ltd Mr S Probert 12 February 2010
O/136/09 GB0419580.6, GB0419583.0, GB0724070.8, GB0724072.4 Fisher Rosemount Systems, Inc Mr A Bartlett 18 May 2009
O/107/09 GB0424655.9 Nokia Corporation Mr A Bartlett 24 April 2009
O/312/08 GB0414654.4 January Patents Limited Mrs S E Chalmers 20 November 2008
O/238/08 GB0426501.3 Fisher-Rosemount Systems, Inc Mr R C Kennell 13 August 2008
O/224/08 GB0524528.7 Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson Mr P Slater 7 August 2008
O/202/08 GB0506607.1 NEC Corporation Mr R C Kennell 15 July 2008
O/191/08 GB0600581.3 Smith International Inc. Mr H Jones 3 July 2008
O/173/08 GB0619968.1 Intel Corporation Mr P Marchant 23 June 2008
O/149/08 GB0602813.8 IGT Mr R C Kennell 23 May 2008
O/075/08 GB0316230.2, GB0323428.3, GB0407525.5, GB0501156.4 Martin Lister Mr J Rowlatt 14 March 2008
O/010/08 GB0324644.4 Nav Canada Mr R C Kennell 16 January 2008
O/350/07 GB0424542.9 The Wandsworth Group Limited Mr R C Kennell 28 November 2007
O/330/07 GB0402956.7 Autonomy Corporation Ltd Mr H Jones 7 November 2007
O/307/07 GB0602514.2 Fisher-Rosemount Systems, Inc Mr R C Kennell 17 October 2007
O/226/07 GB0313122.4 CFPH L.L.C. Mr R C Kennell 10 August 2007
O/150/07 GB0514161.9 Fisher-Rosemount Systems Inc Mr J Elbro 1 June 2007
O/148/07 GB0324470.4 Fisher-Rosemount Systems Inc Mr J Elbro 1 June 2007
O/135/07 GB0329367.7 WesternGeco Limited Mr H Jones 23 May 2007
O/010/07 GB0207020.9 Sony United Kingdom Limited Mr R C Kennell 10 January 2007
O/264/06 GB0309205.3, GB0309206.1 Micron Europe Limited Mr H Jones 20 September 2006
O/252/06 GB2392279A Sun Microsystems, Inc. Mr S Probert 6 September 2006
O/198/06 GB0105616.7 Touch Clarity Limited Mr A Bartlett 19 July 2006
O/066/06 GB0228084.0 ARM Limited Mr H Jones 14 March 2006
O/057/06 GB2391980 Sun Microsystems, Inc Mr S Probert 2 March 2006
O/292/04 GB0025696.6 ARM Limited Mr S Probert 23 September 2004