For more information about Patents endorsed Licence of Right, please refer to our pages.

Data Coverage

Licence Of Right (LOR) Data

This database contains details of all live GB and EP(UK) granted patents with an LOR status on the day the data is extracted from the patent document and information service (Ipsum). This database is updated weekly, generally on Wednesday, with data as at close of business on the preceding day.

Warning: Please note that it is possible for the LOR status of a patent to change (eg if an LOR endorsement is cancelled, the case will not appear in this database). We therefore recommend that you check the patent document and information service (Ipsum) before acting on your findings in this database.

Data Content

This database contains the following data items:

  • LOR start date
  • GB or EP(UK) publication and application numbers
  • Owner
  • IPC classification data (more information on the IPC classification system)
  • Filing date of patent application
  • Grant title

The default Sort option is the LOR start date with the most recent appearing first. You can change the sort to any of the following:

  • LOR Start date reverse
  • IPC
  • Publication number

If you click on an application number it will take you directly to the full details page of the patent document and information service (Ipsum) for that case; similarly if you click on the publication number it will take you to the Worldwide Espacenet bibliographic data page where you can view a copy of the patent specification.

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