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This information was last updated on 8 July 2020.

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GCP Request DatePublication
26 June 2020GB2498230External LinkGB1204857.5Owner: Nokia Technologies OY
Country of Residence: FI
IPC: G06F 3/048 (2013.01)
Application filing date: 20 March 2012
Patent application title: Application switcher
24 June 2020GB2561099External LinkGB1807152.2Owner: 7RDD Limited
Country of Residence: GB
IPC: B25F 5/00 (2006.01)
Application filing date: 15 December 2017
Patent application title: Power tool system incorporating battery pack for use to supply power at different voltages to different tools
22 June 2020GB2549146External LinkGB1606163.2Owner: Power Drive Efficiency Ltd
Country of Residence: GB
IPC: H02P 25/18 (2006.01)
Application filing date: 8 April 2016
Patent application title: Method and apparatus for controlling three-phase electric motor
22 June 2020GB2562006External LinkGB1812223.4Owner: Xinjiang Technical Institute of Physics & Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Country of Residence: CN
IPC: C01B 35/12 (2006.01)
Application filing date: 22 February 2017
Patent application title: Ammonium borofluoride compound, ammonium borofluoride non-linear optical crystal and preparation method and use
11 June 2020GB2570060External LinkGB1903458.6Owner: Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute
Country of Residence: CN
IPC: A01K 61/10 (2017.01)
Application filing date: 1 August 2018
Patent application title: Experimental device and experimental method for studying quantitative relationship between parent fish spawning and flow rate stimulation
19 May 2020GB2577134External LinkGB1815864.2Owner: Perceptual Robotics Limited
Country of Residence: GB
IPC: F03D 80/50 (2016.01)
Application filing date: 28 September 2018
Patent application title: Control and navigation systems
15 May 2020GB2579691External LinkGB1910713.5Owner: ElectricSands Ltd
Country of Residence: GB
IPC: F03G 3/02 (2006.01)
Application filing date: 26 July 2019
Patent application title: Capture wheel
07 May 2020GB2576246External LinkGB1909352.5Owner: RAB Microfluidics Research and Development Company Limited
Country of Residence: GB
IPC: B01L 3/00 (2006.01)
Application filing date: 28 June 2019
Patent application title: Method and apparatus for oil condition monitoring
07 May 2020GB2579687External LinkGB1906902.0Owner: Keeling & Walker Limited
Country of Residence: GB
IPC: C09D 7/62 (2018.01)
Application filing date: 16 May 2019
Patent application title: Composition and method
20 April 2020GB2575012External LinkGB1808038.2Owner: Terence John Pendle
Country of Residence: FR
IPC: B41K 3/02 (2006.01)
Application filing date: 17 May 2018
Patent application title: Stamping device having transparent support sheet integrating transparent imprinting elements

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