Patent decision

BL number
Concerning rights in
GB 0414111.5
Hearing Officer
Mr J Rowlatt
Decision date
2 February 2007
Person(s) or Company(s) involved
Peter Williams
Provisions discussed
PA 1977 Section 1(2)(c)
Excluded fields (refused)
Related Decisions


The application relates to a method and system for providing information and personalized transaction benefits to a user about or relating to a product, based on a product identification code such as a bar code. The system stores personalized data about the user, but this information is shielded from a retail establishment. The Hearing Officer considered the recent Court of Appeal judgment in Aerotel/Macrossan and decided that the actual contribution made by the invention fell solely within the meaning of a business method and of a computer program. It was not formally necessary to consider whether the contribution was technical in nature as set out in the fourth step of the Aerotel/Macrossan test. The application was refused.

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