Patent decision

BL number
Concerning rights in
CA 2177488 US 08/652433
Hearing Officer
Mrs S Williams
Decision date
13 September 2001
Person(s) or Company(s) involved
British Telecommunications Public Limited Company
Provisions discussed
PA 1977 Section 12(1)(a)
Related Decisions


In an uncontested decision concerning a reference made under section 12(1)(a), the Comptroller authorised Simon Roberts, the Head of Intellectual Property at BT, to sign on behalf of Dr Jacob Yadegar a declaration and power of attorney permitting the American Firm of Nixon and Vanderhye to prosecute each of the US patent applications; an assignment of US rights to BT in respect of each of the US patent application(s), and an assignment of Canadian rights to BT in respect of each of the Canadian patent application(s), in the form in which these documents were provided to the Patent Office.

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