Patent decision

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Hearing Officer
Mr P Thorpe
Decision date
7 June 2010
Person(s) or Company(s) involved
Premium Aircraft Interiors Group Limited
Provisions discussed
PA Section 1(1)(b)
Inventive step
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The invention relates to an arrangement of seats on an aircraft. More specifically the invention relates to the realisation that if passengers in an aircraft are seated facing in alternate directions, with their torsos and shoulders longitudinally spaced from each other in rows, then the lateral spacing between individual seats can be reduced. This allows for more seats to be accommodated. For example in a wide bodied aircraft, typically with eight/nine seats per row, this enables an increase in one in the number of seats across the aircraft. The Hearing Officer found the invention as claimed does involve an inventive step having regard to the cited prior art. The application was sent for grant.

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