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Mr H Jones
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12 November 2012
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Fisher-Rosemount Systems, Inc
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Section 1(2)(a), (c)
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The application relates to a method of managing, maintaining and storing process models associated with a control routine in a process control system. A process model is described as being a representation of the dynamic relationship between process inputs and outputs, and can be used to directly generate the necessary control routine in a computer-control system. A process model can be “tuned” over time such that it better represents the process under control and the conditions of the system at a particular point in time. These “tuned” process models can be stored so that the control system can learn from previous experience, i.e. the control system can select from a list of process models the one most suited to the particular condition of the system. In a real-time system the number of process models may grow without bounds, although the rate of growth will be process dependent. The invention is concerned with limiting the number of process models stored in memory and thereby speeding up the process of selecting the most appropriate process model. The hearing officer found that the contribution was technical in that it related to a better way of controlling an industrial process. The application was remitted to the examiner for grant.

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