Trade mark decision

BL Number
Decision date
12 May 2004
Hearing Officer
Mr J MacGillivray
06, 11, 17, 19
Registered Proprietor
Power Piping International BV
Applicants for a declaration of invalidity
Bergen Power Pipe Supports Inc
Application for Invalidation: Section 47(1) (citing Section 3(6))* (*a ground under Section 5(4)(a) was withdrawn at the hearing)


Application for invalidation Section 47(1) (citing Section 3(6)).

Points Of Interest

  • 1. Bad faith : registration by former business associates; burden of proof.


The applicant for invalidation of this International Trade Mark claimed that they had used the mark in the UK since 1981 and the registered proprietor had served as a local distributor in the UK and elsewhere. Hence the registered proprietor had had the mark registered in bad faith.

Following a review of the relevant authorities concerning ‘bad faith’ under Section 3(6) the Hearing Officer turned to consider the facts in this case. He recorded his view that much of the evidence filed in the case amounted to little more than unsupported assertion; and neither party had applied to cross examine the other’s witnesses. For the applicant to succeed they needed to make out a prima facie case establishing that: (i) the registered proprietor could not reasonably have believed that he possessed the goodwill in the POWERFOAM mark in the UK and (ii) that he had registered the mark to take unfair advantage of the applicant’s plans for the UK market following the termination of “the agreement” between the parties. The Hearing Officer noted that the evidence left much to speculation and inference. It was not enough. The applicant had not discharged the onus on them to provide a prima facie case and the application for invalidation failed accordingly.

Full decision O/127/04 PDF document55Kb