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BL Number Action Mark Application Number Hearing Officer Decision Date Image
O/397/09 Ex Parte LG ELECTRONICS INC UK00002460895 Mr A Lingard 22 December 2009
O/395/09 Opposition ROCKAFELLA UK00002394319 Mr O Morris 22 December 2009 Mark Image
O/391/09 Opposition ASPIRATIONS UK00002456430 Mr C Bowen 17 December 2009
O/390/09 Opposition Calyx UK00002384198 Mrs A Corbett 17 December 2009
O/388/09 Opposition icr Internet Changeback Register UK00002482744 Mr O Morris 16 December 2009 Mark Image
O/387/09 Opposition WebCanvas UK00002476513 Mr G Salthouse 16 December 2009
O/385/09 Opposition OXYDUREL UK00002491270 Mrs J Pike 15 December 2009
O/382/09 Opposition MASALA CORNER UK00002379648 Mrs J Pike 9 December 2009
O/381/09 Revocation ALLIGATOR UK00001083447 Mr M Foley 9 December 2009
O/379/09 Opposition IN THE PINK! UK00002484368 Mrs A Corbett 9 December 2009
O/378/09 Revocation THE CARLYLE UK00002202123 Mrs A Corbett 8 December 2009
O/377/09 Opposition LIPOTOX WO0000000928103 Mr M Foley 7 December 2009 Mark Image
O/376/09 Opposition TWIN-MATE UK00002380589 Mr O Morris 4 December 2009
O/375/09 Revocation DEVICE MARK ONLY UK00000273484, UK00001198006 Mr G Salthouse 4 December 2009 Mark Image
O/374/09 Opposition HOPE BUILDERS POVERTY HOUSING LET'S NAIL IT UK00002474084 Mr O Morris 3 December 2009 Mark Image
O/373/09 Opposition GOOD NATURED UK00002462798 Mr M Bryant 30 November 2009 Mark Image
O/368/09 Opposition LEUKIC UK00002416626 Mrs A Corbett 24 November 2009
O/367/09 Opposition PUFFIN POO UK00002422996 Mr O Morris 23 November 2009
O/365/09 Opposition ICE SCREAM UK00002462925 Mr O Morris 23 November 2009
O/364/09 Opposition CHEVRON UK00002463435, UK00002463438, UK00002463439 Mr A James 25 November 2009
O/360/09 Opposition LA SUGAR UK00002468271 Mrs A Corbett 17 November 2009 Mark Image
O/359/09 Opposition NEWTON & RIDLEY UK00002451740 Mr M Bryant 17 November 2009
O/358/09 Opposition ICE SCREAM UK00002462925 Mr E S Smith 16 November 2009
O/356/09 Opposition LIFE UK00002474083 Mrs J Pike 13 November 2009
O/353/09 Revocation BAR 9 UK00002302610 Mr C Bowen 12 November 2009
O/352/09 Opposition OMEGA UK0002456185C Mr D Landau 12 November 2009
O/351/09 Opposition EEZE UK0002462601A Mr E S Smith 10 November 2009 Mark Image
O/350/09 Opposition DUCCIO UK0002420184B Mr M Bryant 10 November 2009
O/349/09 Opposition MEDIO UK00002432358 Mr G Salthouse 4 November 2009
O/348/09 Opposition H WO0000000885033 Mr O Morris 4 November 2009 Mark Image
O/347/09 Opposition Salsa Babies UK00002453804 Mr D Landau 3 November 2009
O/346/09 Opposition NYX UK00002480951, UK00002480953 Mrs A Corbett 3 November 2009 Mark Image
O/338/09 Opposition GORGEOUS GEORGE UK00002431970 Mrs A Corbett 28 October 2009
O/337/09 Opposition TUZZI WO0000000496835 Mr M Foley 28 October 2009 Mark Image
O/336/09 Opposition M MONSTER SUPPLEMENT STORE UK00002482665 Mr G Salthouse 28 October 2009 Mark Image
O/335/09 Opposition STREET ZONE UK00002460252 Mr C Bowen 27 October 2009
O/334/09 Opposition EVOLUTION UK0002422005B Mr C Bowen 27 October 2009 Mark Image
O/331/09 Opposition ZERO UK0002458467B Mr O Morris 27 October 2009
O/330/09 Invalidity DANCE NATION WO0000000784678 Mr D Landau 26 October 2009 Mark Image
O/323/09 Opposition MIMOMAX UK00002481367, UK00002481368 Mrs J Pike 15 October 2009
O/322/09 Opposition MOODMETER UK00002456228 Mr M Foley 14 October 2009
O/321/09 Opposition COSMOS UK00002437520 Mr O Morris 14 October 2009
O/320/09 Opposition MOTHERSHIP PUBLIC RELATIONS UK00002480362 Mr O Morris 14 October 2009
O/319/09 Opposition DUBARRY UK00002458259 Mr G Salthouse 14 October 2009
O/318/09 Opposition MATCHTEK UK00002487556 Mrs A Corbett 13 October 2009
O/317/09 Opposition MORAMARCO UK00002446341 Mr M Bryant 13 October 2009
O/316/09 Opposition BRAMLEY OLD SPOT PORK UK00002482096 Mr A James 13 October 2009
O/314/09 Opposition ECLIPSE UK00002453912 Mrs J Pike 9 October 2009
O/313/09 Opposition EEZE UK0002462601A, UK0002462601B Mr E S Smith 9 October 2009 Mark Image
O/311/09 Revocation SKY KIDS (SUPPLEMENTARY) UK00001261289 Mr D Landau 7 October 2009 Mark Image
O/310/09 Opposition DURACELL ENERGY DRINK WO0000000948728 Mr D Landau 6 October 2009
O/309/09 Ex Parte HILTI AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT WO0000000805947 Mrs Linda Smith 6 October 2009
O/308/09 Ex Parte HILTI AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT WO0000000803195 Mrs Linda Smith 6 October 2009
O/307/09 Opposition NHS CHOICES UK00002457832 Mr D Landau 2 October 2009
O/306/09 Opposition CORETEX UK00002433387 Mr C Bowen 2 October 2009
O/301/09 Revocation AB BELT UK00002282282 Mr G Salthouse 29 September 2009
O/300/09 Opposition EASYRAMP UK00002464158 Mrs J Pike 29 September 2009
O/296/09 Opposition MONSOON STORM UK00002448343, UK00002448345 Mr D Landau 25 September 2009 Mark Image
O/294/09 Revocation SKYKID UK00001261289 Mr D Landau 23 September 2009 Mark Image
O/293/09 Opposition G CASINO UK0002419089B Mr A James 24 September 2009 Mark Image
O/292/09 Opposition ICE ROCKS UK00002447390 Mr M Bryant 23 September 2009
O/291/09 Opposition SHOP DIRECT GROUP UK00002473314 Mr O Morris 23 September 2009
O/290/09 Opposition MUNCHIPS UK00002466269 Mr G Salthouse 22 September 2009
O/286/09 Opposition SMILESTUDIO UK00002456707 Mrs A Corbett 21 September 2009 Mark Image
O/283/09 Opposition SUITS ME WHERE QUALITY COSTS LESS UK00002445916 Mr M Bryant 18 September 2009
O/282/09 Opposition SUITS ME UK00002445915 Mr M Bryant 18 September 2009
O/280/09 Opposition CHRISTOPHER HANLON WO0000000929051 Mrs J Pike 16 September 2009 Mark Image
O/278/09 Opposition PATRICK EGGLE GUITARS UK00002444874 Mr G Salthouse 15 September 2009 Mark Image
O/273/09 Opposition O2GO UK00002443186 Mr C Bowen 8 September 2009
O/269/09 Opposition NORMAS UK00002472271 Mr E S Smith 7 September 2009
O/268/09 Opposition ASIAN TRADERS THE DIRECTORY UK00002461431 Mr G Salthouse 7 September 2009
O/265/09 Opposition DUSKIN UK00002468311 Mr E S Smith 7 September 2009
O/260/09 Revocation RETANEW UK00002198822 Mr D Landau 7 September 2009
O/258/09 Revocation ISABELLE UK00002161954 Mr M Foley 7 September 2009
O/257/09 Opposition HYPNOTIZER UK00002462677 Mr D Landau 4 September 2009
O/256/09 Opposition SEPARODE UK00002478786 Mr D Landau 4 September 2009
O/255/09 Revocation BUBBLES UK00002295213 Mr M Foley 4 September 2009
O/254/09 Opposition NEXSTOR UK00002403167 Ms Louise White 4 September 2009 Mark Image
O/253/09 Opposition GERMEX UK00002425284 Mr O Morris 3 September 2009
O/252/09 Revocation EXTREME UK00002115051 Mrs J Pike 3 September 2009
O/248/09 Rectification SOVEX UK00000958244 Mrs A Corbett 2 September 2009
O/245/09 Opposition OZONES UK00002460800 Mr G Salthouse 21 August 2009
O/244/09 Opposition OPUS SPECIALIST DENTAL SERVICES UK00002371947 Mr G Salthouse 21 August 2009 Mark Image
O/240/09 Opposition CHIspa UK00002460482 Mr D Landau 13 August 2009 Mark Image
O/237/09 Opposition SAGA UK00002496464 Mrs A Corbett 10 August 2009
O/236/09 Opposition AJ UK0002466209A, UK0002466209B Mr M Bryant 6 August 2009
O/235/09 Opposition SCOFF UK00002447920 Mr D Landau 5 August 2009 Mark Image
O/234/09 Opposition PATRICK EGGLE GUITARS UK00002444874 Mr G Salthouse 5 August 2009 Mark Image
O/232/09 Opposition AAX UK00002462176 Mr O Morris 4 August 2009
O/226/09 Opposition PETMATE UK00002446454 Mr O Morris 30 July 2009
O/223/09 Opposition POPPINS UK00002429825 Mr C Bowen 29 July 2009
O/222/09 Opposition SMILEE FACES UK00002261559 Mr M Foley 29 July 2009
O/220/09 Ex Parte O2 HOLDING LIMITED UK00002481567 Mr N Abraham 27 July 2009
O/219/09 Opposition THE COMBINED ARMED FORCES FEDERATION UK EST2004 UK00002453891 Mr G Salthouse 24 July 2009
O/216/09 Opposition YOU CAN'T BE A VIRGIN ALL YOUR LIFE IT'S TIME UK00002466095 Mr A James 23 July 2009
O/213/09 Opposition MI CASSESSU CASA MY HOUSE IS YOUR HOUSE UK00002451980 Mr M Bryant 20 July 2009
O/210/09 Opposition H WO0000000885033 Mrs A Corbett 17 July 2009 Mark Image
O/209/09 Opposition IT'S FRIDAY UK00002278584 Mr E S Smith 17 July 2009
O/208/09 Opposition NO NAME UK00002465181 Ms Louise White 16 July 2009
O/206/09 Revocation IHS UK00002415477 Mr D Landau 16 July 2009
O/202/09 Opposition SIGNATURE UK00002447966 Ms Louise White 15 July 2009 Mark Image
O/201/09 Opposition Digital ID World WO0000000893380 Mr M Bryant 13 July 2009
O/198/09 Invalidity Bo-BiJou UK00002413418 Mr O Morris 10 July 2009 Mark Image
O/197/09 Invalidity JUST JUNK UK00002450401, UK00002467426 Mr G Salthouse 10 July 2009
O/197/09 Opposition JUST JUNK UK00002450401, UK00002467426 Mr G Salthouse 10 July 2009
O/196/09 Opposition HTI WO0000000881731 Mr E S Smith 10 July 2009 Mark Image
O/194/09 Opposition LAYS WO0000000855361 Ms Louise White 9 July 2009
O/193/09 Opposition MAKO UK00002435597 Mrs A Corbett 9 July 2009
O/192/09 Opposition THE LUXURY COLLECTION WO0000000831814 Mrs J Pike 9 July 2009 Mark Image
O/191/09 Opposition LAVILLA UK00002446363 Mr E S Smith 8 July 2009
O/190/09 Ex Parte DRIVEN BY PASSION WO0000000924310 Ms Bridget Whatmough 8 July 2009
O/188/09 Opposition DALLAS DHU UK00002432800, UK00002437240, UK00002463987, UK00002463989 Mr D Landau 8 July 2009
O/183/09 Opposition Competitors Companion UK00002466003 Mrs A Corbett 2 July 2009
O/178/09 Opposition Soprano Cigarettes UK00002452317 Mr M Bryant 24 June 2009 Mark Image
O/177/09 Revocation BREEZE UK00002246364 Mr C Bowen 25 June 2009
O/176/09 Ex Parte FLYING SCOTSMAN UK00002449033 Mr A Pike 24 June 2009
O/175/09 Opposition Peekaboo Peekaboo Vintage UK00002421554, UK00002421555 Ms Louise White 24 June 2009
O/173/09 Opposition FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE UK00002387842 Mr O Morris 23 June 2009
O/167/09 Opposition X02 UK00002414227 Mr G Salthouse 18 June 2009
O/165/09 Opposition STAUNCH UK00002439103 Mr G Salthouse 18 June 2009
O/163/09 Invalidity Fat Betty UK00002409049 Mrs A Corbett 16 June 2009
O/162/09 Opposition GOLD STREET WO0000000904730 Mrs A Corbett 12 June 2009 Mark Image
O/161/09 Opposition Device only WO0000000855906 Mr G Salthouse 10 June 2009
O/160/09 Invalidity MINIMAX UK00002397943 Mr D Landau 10 June 2009
O/159/09 Opposition cas UK00002431060 Ms Louise White 9 June 2009 Mark Image
O/158/09 Revocation HOKKO CHEMICAL INDUSTRY CO LTD UK00001363050 Mr D Landau 9 June 2009 Mark Image
O/157/09 Opposition IN THE PINK UK00002371858 Mrs A Corbett 9 June 2009
O/156/09 Opposition ALIVA UK00002461520 Mr E S Smith 8 June 2009
O/155/09 Opposition ROJA DOVE UK00002384901 Mrs J Pike 3 June 2009
O/154/09 Opposition LEUKIC UK00002416626 Mr G Salthouse 4 June 2009
O/151/09 Opposition REALWorld rendering UK00002431271 Mr G Salthouse 2 June 2009 Mark Image
O/150/09 Opposition CRISTALINO JAUME SERRA UK00002425725 Mr M Bryant 2 June 2009
O/149/09 Opposition Virogone UK00002446908 Mr D Landau 29 May 2009
O/148/09 Opposition KANGOL (device only) UK00002450719 Mr G Salthouse 28 May 2009
O/147/09 Ex Parte NANO SILVER UK0002405309B Ms J Hallas 27 May 2009 Mark Image
O/146/09 Revocation SPRING-ORA UK00001470618 Mr O Morris 26 May 2009
O/143/09 Opposition PLATINUM UK00002451146 Mr O Morris 21 May 2009
O/141/09 Revocation Breadtalk UK00002297238 Ms Louise White 21 May 2009
O/139/09 Opposition DWELL UK00002430056 Mr O Morris 20 May 2009
O/134/09 Opposition BEKO-Sport UK00002410492 Mr O Morris 18 May 2009 Mark Image
O/133/09 Opposition LIQUID UK00002429035 Mr D Landau 15 May 2009
O/125/09 Opposition MAXIM UK00002391843 Mr E S Smith 11 May 2009
O/122/09 Opposition A.P.S. UK00002391351 Mr M Bryant 8 May 2009 Mark Image
O/121/09 Opposition BULLDOG UK00002442910 Mr M Bryant 8 May 2009
O/120/09 Opposition Alternative Finance Group - putting faith into finance UK00002451462 Mr M Bryant 7 May 2009 Mark Image
O/115/09 Revocation SCHREIBER UK00001046742, UK00001372485 Mr D Landau 5 May 2009
O/113/09 Ex Parte NO HALF MEASURES UK00002472042 Mr A Pike 29 April 2009
O/111/09 Ex Parte fresh direct local UK00002482442 Mr A Pike 29 April 2009 Mark Image
O/110/09 Ex Parte fresh direct and device UK00002482441 Mr A Pike 29 April 2009 Mark Image
O/106/09 Revocation Hokko Chemical Industry Co. Limited UK00001363050 Mr D Landau 27 April 2009 Mark Image
O/104/09 Opposition Sparklycard UK00002410422 Mrs A Corbett 28 April 2009
O/102/09 Ex Parte FILL YOUR FREEZER FOR A FIVER UK00002496617 Mr A Pike 22 April 2009
O/101/09 Opposition HANSON PARTNERS UK0002421925A Mr E S Smith 21 April 2009 Mark Image
O/099/09 Opposition Strike Back UK00002461799 Mr C Bowen 16 April 2009
O/098/09 Revocation ACDO GLO-WHITE COLOUR LOCK UK00001508695 Mr M Reynolds 14 April 2009
O/097/09 Opposition V-PRO UK00002425249 Mr E S Smith 14 April 2009
O/095/09 Ex Parte AFRICA'S BEST UK00002445286 Ms Bridget Whatmough 8 April 2009
O/094/09 Opposition DROP BEATS NOT BOMBS UK00002440001 Mr O Morris 6 April 2009 Mark Image
O/092/09 Opposition RR Right Recruitment Group UK00002431357 Mr M Reynolds 3 April 2009
O/091/09 Opposition Clever Wally's Raw Pizza UK00002444507 Ms Louise White 3 April 2009
O/088/09 Revocation I NO THE SCORE UK00002238698 Mr G Salthouse 31 March 2009
O/086/09 Invalidity 12 SGTC UK00002438070 Mr M Reynolds 27 March 2009 Mark Image
O/085/09 Opposition SWEAR UK00002441920 Mr C Bowen 26 March 2009
O/082/09 Opposition STERLING CHASE UK00002433987 Mr O Morris 25 March 2009
O/080/09 Opposition B CARLO UK00002455392 Mr M Bryant 24 March 2009
O/079/09 Opposition blubell UK00002447881 Ms Louise White 17 March 2009 Mark Image
O/078/09 Opposition TRU TAP UK0002450090A Mr G Salthouse 23 March 2009
O/077/09 Opposition OMEGAMETER UK0002333864B Mr D Landau 23 March 2009
O/075/09 Opposition SEALPRO UK00002458346 Mr D Landau 19 March 2009
O/072/09 Opposition DWELL UK00002430056 Mr O Morris 13 March 2009
O/071/09 Revocation ETHOS UK0001106253B Mr O Morris 17 March 2009
O/070/09 Revocation Mercedes UK00000314710 Mr G Salthouse 12 March 2009
O/069/09 Invalidity P.SABATIER UK00000940831, UK00002379776 Mr A James 9 March 2009
O/069/09 Opposition P.SABATIER UK00000940831, UK00002379776 Mr A James 9 March 2009
O/069/09 Revocation P.SABATIER UK00000940831, UK00002379776 Mr A James 9 March 2009
O/068/09 Opposition BELCOMCENTER WO0000000876252 Mrs J Pike 10 March 2009 Mark Image
O/067/09 Invalidity Crystal UK00002315570 Mr G Salthouse 10 March 2009
O/066/09 Opposition GP LEATHERS UK00002412151, UK00002412154 Ms Louise White 9 March 2009 Mark Image
O/064/09 Opposition GRACE UK00002419310 Mr C Bowen 3 March 2009
O/059/09 Opposition ELLEBURY UK00002459310 Mr C Bowen 27 February 2009
O/058/09 Opposition PICASSO UK00002348856 Mr M Bryant 26 February 2009
O/056/09 Opposition letprotect UK00002447857 Mr E S Smith 25 February 2009
O/047/09 Opposition ALIGATOR UK00002338089, UK00002354259 Mr D Landau 19 February 2009
O/046/09 Ex Parte e SAY UK00002476683 Mrs A Davies 18 February 2009
O/045/09 Revocation STERILOX UK00002217154 Mr M Reynolds 16 February 2009 Mark Image
O/042/09 Invalidity CEM 2 CEM 3 UK00002399962, UK00002406779 Mr M Bryant 13 February 2009 Mark Image
O/039/09 Inter Partes Form Only Mark UK0002380274A, UK0002380274B Mr D Landau 12 February 2009
O/034/09 Opposition SUPERDRY UK00002430291 Mr O Morris 6 February 2009
O/031/09 Opposition LE TRAPPISTE UK00002422537 Mr D Landau 2 February 2009
O/030/09 Revocation STORM UK00001500089, UK00002116673 Mrs J Pike 4 February 2009
O/029/09 Opposition ZATAMIL UK00002441859 Mr D Landau 30 January 2009
O/026/09 Opposition WESTBURY UK00002437529 Ms Louise White 28 January 2009 Mark Image
O/025/09 Rectification AVON GRIPSTER UK00001100636 Mr A James 26 January 2009
O/024/09 Opposition AM RECUITMENT LIMITED UK00002443798 Mr M Bryant 26 January 2009
O/018/09 Opposition Film24 UK00002426729 Mr G Salthouse 23 January 2009 Mark Image
O/013/09 Opposition FIERSTRUNG UK00002423826 Mr D Landau 15 January 2009
O/012/09 Opposition MAGNUM MAGNUM CLASSIC UK00002453272, UK00002453276 Mr E S Smith 15 January 2009
O/011/09 Revocation Music Choice UK00002250155, UK00002250189 Mr G Salthouse 15 January 2009 Mark Image
O/010/09 Opposition Club Sail UK00002459772 Mr M Bryant 13 January 2009
O/008/09 Opposition ICE B WO0000000832107 Mrs A Corbett 12 January 2009 Mark Image
O/007/09 Invalidity TRADESAFE UK00002395730 Mr G Salthouse 8 January 2009
O/006/09 Opposition ABSORBUBBLES UK00002382275 Mr M Foley 8 January 2009
O/005/09 Invalidity TREADSAFE UK00002360896 Mr G Salthouse 8 January 2009
O/004/09 Revocation STORM UK00002152209 Mr D Landau 6 January 2009
O/003/09 Revocation Sant Ambroeus UK00001317269 Mr M Bryant 6 January 2009 Mark Image
O/001/09 Invalidity SOUTHERN VERTERAN-CYCLE CLUB UK00002434446 Mr C Bowen 5 January 2009

30 decisions found

BL Number Action Mark Application Number Hearing Officer Decision Date Image
O/398/09 Revocation CEM 2 UK00002399962, UK00002406779 Ms A Michaels 22 December 2009 Mark Image
O/371/09 Revocation SANT AMBROEUS UK00001317269 Ms Anna Carboni 5 November 2009 Mark Image
O/363/09 Appointed Person COMBI STEAM UK00002443998 Ms Anna Carboni 7 April 2009
O/343/09 Revocation DUCCIO UK00002257307 Professor Ruth Annand 28 October 2009
O/315/09 Revocation SCHREIBER UK00001046742, UK00001372485 Mr Geoffrey Hobbs QC 9 October 2009
O/312/09 Opposition DALLAS DHU UK00002432800 Mr Geoffrey Hobbs QC 7 October 2009
O/289/09 Opposition OMEGA.CO.UK UK00002226666 Professor Ruth Annand 7 September 2009
O/287/09 Opposition HERITAGE UK00002332046 Ms A Michaels 26 May 2009
O/284/09 Opposition ICE B WO0000000832107 Ms A Michaels 16 September 2009 Mark Image
O/281/09 Invalidity TUSHIES UK00002341387 Mr Geoffrey Hobbs QC 16 September 2009
O/276/09 Revocation I NO THE SCORE UK00002238698 Mr Iain Purvis QC 8 September 2009
O/275/09 Opposition OMEGA.CO.UK UK00002226666 Professor Ruth Annand 8 September 2009
O/246/09 Opposition ZERO UK00002418511 Ms A Michaels 17 August 2009
O/241/09 Revocation BACTIGUARD UK00002027376 Mr Geoffrey Hobbs QC 11 August 2009 Mark Image
O/231/09 Opposition WORN FREE UK00002403678 Ms A Michaels 19 June 2009 Mark Image
O/217/09 Opposition ai ACTIVINTEL UK00002404164 Mr Geoffrey Hobbs QC 23 July 2009
O/215/09 Opposition EASYRAMP UK00002448353 Professor Ruth Annand 20 July 2009
O/211/09 Opposition MUDDIES UK00002412909 Ms Anna Carboni 17 July 2009
O/131/09 Opposition THE OUTDOOR GROUP LIMITED UK00002386672 Ms A Michaels 13 May 2009
O/130/09 Appointed Person VIPER UK00001501909 Professor Ruth Annand 13 May 2009
O/112/09 Rectification TURBOCHIP UK00002389890 Ms Anna Carboni 22 April 2009 Mark Image
O/100/09 Opposition FOREX 100 5 10 1 UK00002408890 Mr Geoffrey Hobbs QC 16 April 2009 Mark Image
O/093/09 Opposition MORE4 UK0000234555A Mr Geoffrey Hobbs QC 1 April 2009
O/084/09 Opposition THE URBANSHOP.CO.UK UK00002423905 Professor Ruth Annand 25 March 2009
O/065/09 Opposition PARKAIR UK00002368347 Ms A Michaels 4 March 2009 Mark Image
O/038/09 Opposition HY-BOND RESIGLASS WO0000000884290 Ms Anna Carboni 9 February 2009 Mark Image
O/037/09 Opposition DARKNESS VISIBLE UK00002395188 Mr Geoffrey Hobbs QC 10 February 2009
O/021/09 Opposition MANGO HOUSE UK00002452608 Ms Anna Carboni 26 January 2009
O/020/09 Opposition e EuroFinance UK00002455718 Professor Ruth Annand 26 January 2009 Mark Image
O/019/09 Opposition e Fax UK00002349223 Mr Geoffrey Hobbs QC 26 January 2009