Trade Mark Journal No.2018/006 9 February 2018

UK00003283501 18 January 2018 (9,16,35,38,41,42)


Class 9
Computer software; media content; digital content; audio visual content; computer software platforms; a software platform for compilation of audiovisual content; computer software platform for advertising, marketing and promotional services; collaborative software; computer software to act as an Internet-based platform for the sharing of information and content; downloadable publications; telecommunications installations apparatus and instruments; software for the compilation of audiovisual material; software for the creation, editing and sharing of audiovisual advertisements; parts and fittings for the aforesaid goods.
Class 16
Printed matter; instructional and teaching materials.
Class 35
Advertising; marketing; dissemination of advertising matter; dissemination of advertising for others via an online communications network; generating advertisements and marketing campaigns; dissemination of advertising for others via websites, applications, and devices.
Class 38
Telecommunications; communication services; telecommunication of advertisements, information (including web pages), computer programs and any other data or images; electronic transmission of data via a global Internet hub and portal services; providing access to a directory of information and content over a computer network provided online from a computer database or from the Internet; provision of online bulletin boards and interactive online bulletin boards; computer network communications; transmission and reception of data and information; providing access to software applications through a website.
Class 41
Entertainment services; provision of media content, digital content, recorded content, audio content, visual content and/or audio visual content; provision of information relating to entertainment.
Class 42
Providing temporary use of web-based software; hosting platforms on the internet; design and development of computer hardware, software and systems; providing temporary use of web-based software to enable users to compile audiovisual material; providing temporary use of web-based software to enable users to create, edit and disseminate audiovisual advertisements.

Car Cloud Ventures Limited

Representative: Boult Wade Tennant