Trade Mark Journal No.2023/017 28 April 2023

UK00003898695 9 April 2023 (3,10,30)

Image for mark UK00003898695 LASA PROFESSIONAL
Class 3
Non-medicated cosmetics and toiletry preparations; Non-medicated dentifrices; Perfumery, essential oils.
Class 10
Medical apparatus and instruments for electrosurgery, radiosurgery, radio-frequency surgery, dermatology surgery, ENT surgery, general surgery, plastic surgery, obstetric (OBGYN) surgery, blepharoplasty and ophthalmic surgery, cosmetic surgery, aesthetic surgery and paediatric surgery; Medical apparatus and instruments for galvanic therapy, UV therapy, IR therapy, hydro dermy therapy, ozone therapy, faradic therapy, hair nourishing therapy, skin nourishing therapy, needle & no-needle mesotherapy, electroporation therapy, iontophoresis therapy, high-frequency therapy, removing wrinkles, facial and body skin cleansing; Medical and veterinary apparatus and instruments; Dental apparatus and instruments; Physical therapy equipment; Steamer and Massage apparatus.
Class 30
Salt, seasonings, spices, preserved herbs, sauces and other condiments, flavourings.

Babak Rad

Mahta Rezaei

Representative: Regimark SIA