Our application services and fees

The following services and payment options are available for anyone applying to register a trade mark:

Standard Examination Service

It costs GBP 200.00 to apply to register your trade mark for goods or services that fall in one class. It costs GBP 50.00 for each additional class. If you file online and include the full payment at the time of filing, you will receive a discount of GBP 30.00 off the total cost.

We will send you an examination report by post (or via email if you file online), in approximately 20 working days, explaining whether we consider the mark is registrable and inform you of any confusingly similar trade marks already on the register. If we think that your mark is registrable we will publish it in our Trade Mark Journal so that third parties have an opportunity to oppose your application. If there is no opposition, it will be registered.

Fast track Examination Service

Due to the current turnaround time of our standard service, fast track is not available at the moment.

Right Start Examination Service

This online service also costs GBP 200.00 plus GBP 50.00 for each additional class of goods or services. But with Right Start you pay an initial fee of GBP 100.00 plus GBP 25.00 for each additional class.

Examination takes the same time as the standard examination service, but we will e-mail the examination report to you and if there are any problems you can discuss them with the examiner. If you decide to proceed with your application you must pay us the outstanding balance of the application and any additional class fees. If you decide not to go ahead, you can let your application lapse and not pay any further fees.

Please note that the GBP 30.00 discount does not apply to this service.

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