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This information was last updated on 3 June 2020.

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GCP Request DatePublication
07 May 2020GB2576246External LinkGB1909352.5Owner: RAB Microfluidics Research and Development Company Limited
Country of Residence: GB
IPC: B01L 3/00 (2006.01)
Application filing date: 28 June 2019
Patent application title: Method and apparatus for oil condition monitoring
20 April 2020GB2575012External LinkGB1808038.2Owner: Terence John Pendle
Country of Residence: FR
IPC: B41K 3/02 (2006.01)
Application filing date: 17 May 2018
Patent application title: Stamping device having transparent support sheet integrating transparent imprinting elements
07 April 2020GB2565739External LinkGB1820635.9Owner: Hohai University
Country of Residence: CN
IPC: G01N 29/14 (2006.01)
Application filing date: 16 January 2017
Patent application title: Apparatus and method for arranging concrete structure service condition fiber optic acoustic emission sensing device
03 April 2020GB2564262External LinkGB1811142.7Owner: Natco Pharma Limited
Country of Residence: IN
IPC: A61K 31/506 (2006.01)
Application filing date: 30 January 2016
Patent application title: Pharmaceutical compositions comprising phenylaminopyrimidine derivative
30 March 2020GB2577156External LinkGB1909761.7Owner: Chris Grayson
Country of Residence: GB
IPC: F24H 9/20 (2006.01)
Application filing date: 8 July 2019
Patent application title: A leak detection system for use with heating apparatus
30 March 2020GB2572383External LinkGB1805009.6Owner: IP2IPO Innovations Limited
Country of Residence: GB
IPC: H02S 40/44 (2014.01)
Application filing date: 28 March 2018
Patent application title: Hybrid photovoltaic-thermal collector
25 March 2020GB2560837External LinkGB1808430.1Owner: Impact Selector International LLC
Country of Residence: US
IPC: E21B 31/113 (2006.01)
Application filing date: 16 November 2016
Patent application title: Downhole impact apparatus
18 March 2020GB2561389External LinkGB1705984.1Owner: Clean Air Roads Limited
Country of Residence: GB
IPC: E01C 1/00 (2006.01)
Application filing date: 13 April 2017
Patent application title: Road pollution extraction system
16 March 2020GB2573501External LinkGB1805184.7Owner: Tectonic Facades Limited
Country of Residence: GB
IPC: E04F 13/08 (2006.01)
Application filing date: 29 March 2018
Patent application title: Building member
10 March 2020GB2576336External LinkGB1813273.8Owner: Thos. Bentley & Son Limited
Country of Residence: GB
IPC: C11D 17/06 (2006.01)
Application filing date: 14 August 2018
Patent application title: Improvements in relation to the manufacture of personal cleansing compositions

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