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This information was last updated on 16 January 2019.

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GCP Request DatePublication
10 January 2019GB2519218External LinkGB1415009.8Owner: Jonathan Coyle
Country of Residence: GB
IPC: B01D 35/30 (2006.01)
Application filing date: 22 August 2014
Patent application title: A filter apparatus
09 January 2019GB2551385External LinkGB1610574.4Owner: WPL Limited
Country of Residence: GB
IPC: C02F 3/08 (2006.01)
Application filing date: 17 June 2016
Patent application title: Aerated wastewater treatment
08 January 2019GB2558029External LinkGB1713953.6Owner: Branston Limited
Country of Residence: GB
IPC: A01D 33/00 (2006.01)
Application filing date: 31 August 2017
Patent application title: A crop monitoring system and method
12 December 2018GB2541371External LinkGB1513291.3Owner: Scottoiler (Scotland) Ltd
Country of Residence: GB
IPC: B62J 31/00 (2006.01)
Application filing date: 28 July 2015
Patent application title: Chain oiler system
10 December 2018GB2557459External LinkGB1719302.0Owner: Tellermate Limited
Country of Residence: GB
IPC: G06Q 20/20 (2012.01)
Application filing date: 21 November 2017
Patent application title: Method of remote reconciliation of data from an intelligent cash holding unit and apparatus for use in such a method
07 December 2018GB2551106External LinkGB1607275.3Owner: Brian Elliott
Country of Residence: GB
IPC: F23B 50/12 (2006.01)
Application filing date: 26 April 2016
Patent application title: Solid fuel burner
28 November 2018GB2560741External LinkGB1704603.8Owner: Grass Concrete Limited
Country of Residence: GB
IPC: E01C 11/22 (2006.01)
Application filing date: 23 March 2017
Patent application title: Drainage apparatus
02 November 2018GB2530504External LinkGB1416803.3Owner: Camden Group Limited
Country of Residence: GB
IPC: E06B 1/04 (2006.01)
Application filing date: 23 September 2014
Patent application title: An elongate profile member
02 November 2018GB2521158External LinkGB1321855.7Owner: EOS Management Services LLP
Country of Residence: GB
IPC: E04B 1/82 (2006.01)
Application filing date: 10 December 2013
Patent application title: A modular room
30 October 2018GB2552961External LinkGB1613943.8Owner: Andy Bacon
Country of Residence: GB
IPC: B62D 35/00 (2006.01)
Application filing date: 15 August 2016
Patent application title: Aerodynamic panel for a road haulage trailer

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