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This information was last updated on 29 July 2015.

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GCP Request DatePublication
09 July 2015GB2517585External LinkGB1412257.6Owner: University of Plymouth
Country of Residence: GB
IPC: H02J 3/38 (2006.01)
Application filing date: 10 July 2014
Patent application title: Control arrangement
02 July 2015GB2516686External LinkGB1313586.8Owner: Paxton Access Limited
Country of Residence: GB
IPC: G07C 9/00 (2006.01)
Application filing date: 30 July 2013
Patent application title: Communication method and system
30 June 2015GB2488329External LinkGB1103054.1Owner: Adrian Smith
Country of Residence: GB
IPC: E06B 1/36 (2006.01)
Application filing date: 23 February 2011
Patent application title: Window system
23 June 2015GB2516728External LinkGB1408385.1Owner: International Innovative Technologies Limited
Country of Residence: GB
IPC: C10L 9/10 (2006.01)
Application filing date: 12 May 2014
Patent application title: Fuel enrichment process
22 June 2015GB2522522External LinkGB1421069.4Owner: Ceres Intellectual Property Company Limited
Country of Residence: GB
IPC: C01G 51/00 (2006.01)
Application filing date: 27 November 2014
Patent application title: Structure
16 June 2015GB2512180External LinkGB1400692.8Owner: The Top Edge Limited
Country of Residence: GB
IPC: B32B 5/18 (2006.01)
Application filing date: 16 January 2014
Patent application title: Furniture panel
09 June 2015GB2522599External LinkGB1510035.7Owner: Impact Laboratories Ltd
Country of Residence: GB
IPC: B03D 1/016 (2006.01)
Application filing date: 9 June 2015
Patent application title: Process for separating materials
08 June 2015GB2496609External LinkGB1119700.1Owner: Pro Shim Supplies U.K. Ltd
Country of Residence: GB
IPC: B41F 27/14 (2006.01)
Application filing date: 15 November 2011
Patent application title: Printing plate mounting system
21 May 2015GB2515170External LinkGB1407020.5Owner: Grazers Ltd
Country of Residence: GB
IPC: A01N 59/08 (2006.01)
Application filing date: 22 April 2014
Patent application title: Horticultural preparation or formulation
18 May 2015GB2507756External LinkGB1220094.5Owner: Nicholas Julian Jan Francis MacPhail
Country of Residence: XC
IPC: F24D 3/08 (2006.01)
Application filing date: 8 November 2012
Patent application title: The use of flow boilers with thermal storage

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