Data Coverage

Green Channel Patent Applications Data

The Green Channel was introduced on 12 May 2009. This database contains details of Green Channel Patent Applications which have been 'A' published. Requests for Green Channel Patent Applications (GCP) that have been refused or withdrawn will cease to appear in this database. The database will generally be updated weekly on the day of publication, usually Wednesday.

Data Content

This database contains the following data items:

  • GCP request date (This is the date the applicant requested Green Channel acceleration.)
  • GB publication and application numbers
  • Owner (First named applicant for the patent.)
  • Owner's country of residence
  • 1st IPC symbol (more information on the IPC classification system can be found on the World Intellectual Property Organization website here)
  • Filing date of patent application
  • Application Title

By default the data is sorted by GCP request date with the most recent appearing first. You can change the order the data is presented by sorting according to:

  • Owner's country of residence
  • IPC
  • Publication number

If you click on an application number it will take you directly to the full details page of the patent document and information service (Ipsum) for that application; similarly if you click on the publication number it will take you to the Worldwide Espacenet results page where you can view a copy of the patent specification.

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