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This information was last updated on 16 January 2019.

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GCP Request DatePublication
26 October 2018GB2564068External LinkGB1817482.1Owner: The Final Co. LLC
Country of Residence: US
IPC: A47G 21/18 (2006.01)
Application filing date: 26 October 2018
Patent application title: Reusable, foldable, drinking straw in storage case
16 October 2018GB2555001External LinkGB1715217.4Owner: H2otricity Renewable Energy Limited
Country of Residence: GB
IPC: F03B 7/00 (2006.01)
Application filing date: 21 September 2017
Patent application title: Waterwheel
10 October 2018GB2513625External LinkGB1307910.8Owner: Oil States Industries (UK) Limited
Country of Residence: GB
IPC: E21B 17/043 (2006.01)
Application filing date: 1 May 2013
Patent application title: Anti-Rotation Device for Pipe String
04 October 2018GB2554371External LinkGB1616152.3Owner: Resolute Energy Solutions Limited
Country of Residence: GB
IPC: E21B 33/13 (2006.01)
Application filing date: 22 September 2016
Patent application title: Well apparatus and associated methods
20 September 2018GB2563783External LinkGB1815321.3Owner: Edward Paul Turner
Country of Residence: GB
IPC: B65D 81/03 (2006.01)
Application filing date: 20 September 2018
Patent application title: Packaging system
07 September 2018GB2561409External LinkGB1708461.7Owner: Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited
Country of Residence: IN
IPC: B60L 11/12 (2006.01)
Application filing date: 26 May 2017
Patent application title: Methods and systems for managing range of a vehicle
07 September 2018GB2563098External LinkGB1714512.9Owner: Hayley Group Ltd
Country of Residence: GB
IPC: F04B 53/06 (2006.01)
Application filing date: 8 September 2017
Patent application title: Pneumatics
29 August 2018GB2562195External LinkGB1814049.1Owner: F.W. Thorpe Plc
Country of Residence: GB
IPC: F21V 21/03 (2006.01)
Application filing date: 29 August 2018
Patent application title: Ceiling Luminaire
14 August 2018GB2562012External LinkGB1813266.2Owner: Tevva Motors Ltd.
Country of Residence: GB
IPC: B60W 20/16 (2016.01)
Application filing date: 6 February 2017
Patent application title: Range extender control
14 August 2018GB2563705External LinkGB1802565.0Owner: Econowise Drives and Controls Ltd
Country of Residence: GB
IPC: G05B 15/02 (2006.01)
Application filing date: 16 February 2018
Patent application title: Building automation management

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