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This service allows you access to patent decisions issued by us.

If you know the British Library (BL) number of a decision, you can use the BL number search to view the summary and or full decision. The general search allows you to customize your search criteria to suit your requirements.

For a chronological list of decisions, select the type of hearing and click GO. Alternatively you can use the browse by year facility towards the bottom of this page.

A selection of pre 1998 decisions External Link are also available on GOV.UK. Please note that these cannot be accessed by using the search facility below.

Decisions of the UK courts can be accessed at BAILII External Link

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BL number search

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Selected pre 1998 decisions External Link are also available.

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This is not intended to be a comprehensive information service concerning decisions. Some decisions listed may have been overturned on appeal, either in whole or part. Furthermore, the decisions provided are for information only. While every effort is made to ensure that they are accurate, some errors may have been introduced during conversion for the web.