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O/441/10 GB0907051.7 Philip Hadley and Welland Medical Ltd Mr A C Howard 23 December 2010
O/439/10 GB0723964.3 Protecting Kids the World Over (PKTWO) Limited Mr B Micklewright 23 December 2010
O/438/10 PCT/GB2008/000706 Amir Azam and Carl Livesey Mr A C Howard 22 December 2010
O/437/10 EP1971504 Roland Maudrich, Torsten Winkler, Jürgen Singer, Werner Lang, Wolfgang Fukarek, MEKRA Lang GmbH & Co. KG and Leybold Optics Dresden Gmb Mrs S Williams 22 December 2010
O/436/10 GB0423100.7 Sony United Kingdom Limited Mr H Jones 21 December 2010
O/433/10 WO08/062214 Mastermailer Holdings Plc and Stephen Black and Data Security Limited Mr J Elbro 16 December 2010
O/430/10 GB0813248.2 Dell Products L.P. Mrs C L Davies 13 December 2010
O/429/10 GB0805153.4 Trane International Inc. Mrs S E Chalmers 14 December 2010
O/424/10 GB0600191.1 i2 Technologies US, Inc Mrs S E Chalmers 7 December 2010
O/422/10 GB0515362.2 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. Mrs S E Chalmers 6 December 2010
O/421/10 GB0509900.7 Hewlett Packard Development Company. Mr P Slater 6 December 2010
O/417/10 GB0604820.1 I2 Technologies US, Inc. Miss J Pullen 1 December 2010
O/416/10 GB0604769.0 I2 Technologies US, Inc. Miss J Pullen 1 December 2010
O/415/10 GB0604622.1 I2 Technologies US, Inc. Miss J Pullen 1 December 2010
O/412/10 GB2329910 , GB2350843 (i) Polytan Planungs-und Baugwsellschart Fuer Sportlagen mbH & Co. (ii)Edel Grass B.V. and Fieldturf Holdings Inc. Mr A Bartlett 30 November 2010
O/409/10 GB0421284.1 Advanced Forensic Solutions Limited Miss J Pullen 29 November 2010
O/408/10 GB2310274 Mario Joseph Charalambous Mr B Micklewright 29 November 2010
O/405/10 GB0813683.0 Microphage Inc Dr L Cullen 25 November 2010
O/403/10 GB0625808.1 ePLUS Capital, Inc Rebecca Villis 24 November 2010
O/402/10 GB0517644.1 eSpeed, Inc Mrs C L Davies 19 November 2010
O/401/10 GB2383533B Mr Nigel Melling Mrs S E Chalmers 18 November 2010
O/394/10 GB2436776 Mr Duncan Parfitt and Axium Process Ltd and Ceres Power Ltd Mr P Thorpe 12 November 2010
O/391/10 GB0514244.3 Kezi Levin Mr B Micklewright 11 November 2010
O/384/10 GB0812561.9 Intuit Inc. Mr S Brown 4 November 2010
O/370/10 GB0616606.0 George Owen Dr J E Porter 22 October 2010
O/365/10 GB0619385.8 Phorm UK Inc Mr S Brown 20 October 2010
O/361/10 GB0710637.0 The Honey Pot Trust Mr H Jones 21 October 2010
O/357/10 GB2384390B Semitel Limited Mr S Probert 19 October 2010
O/350/10 GB0905015.4 Steven McLellan, Distribuidora Internacional de Medicamentos y Equipo Medico, S.A. de C.V., Richard Paul Hayes-Pankhurst, Graham Keith Lacy, Julian Francis Ralph Swan Mrs S Williams 14 October 2010
O/347/10 GB0917486.3 Intuit Inc Mr H Jones 7 October 2010
O/337/10 GB2440699B Loadhog Limited v Polymer Logistics BV Mr S Probert 29 September 2010
O/335/10 SPC/GB/07/014, SPC/GB/07/015, SPC/GB/07/016, SPC/GB/07/017, SPC/GB/07/021, SPC/GB/07/081, SPC/GB/07/082, SPC/GB/07/084 University of Queensland & CSL Limited Dr L Cullen 24 September 2010
O/332/10 GB0703167.7 William Brownlie Mr B Micklewright 24 September 2010
O/331/10 GB2426278 SGB Services Limited, Duncan Hyde and Mark Taylor Mrs S Williams 23 September 2010
O/326/10 GB0426775.3 Hewlett-Packard Development Company Mr P Thorpe 22 September 2010
O/321/10 GB0610518.3 Dell Products LP Miss Ceri Witchard 16 September 2010
O/310/10 GB0519086.3 Avago Technologies ECBU IP (Singapore) PTE. Ltd Miss J Pullen 31 August 2010
O/309/10 GB0604646.9 Martin Anthony Mckenzie Miss Ceri Witchard 31 August 2010
O/302/10 GB2452826 Fluke Corporation, Edmund C. Eng, Michael Anthony Schoch and B. Matthew Marzynski Mrs S Williams 20 August 2010
O/291/10 GB2415369 DLP Limited, James Self, Robert William Stimpson and Graham Robin Lock Mrs S Williams 13 August 2010
O/288/10 EP(UK)0877990B2 , EP(UK)1125244B1 Crime Scene Investigation Equipment Ltd v Dudley Bryan Crossling Mr S Probert 12 August 2010
O/282/10 EP0942781 , EP1080178, GB2333250 N Nazareth and Secretary of State for Defence Mr J Elbro 9 August 2010
O/280/10 EP(UK)1408284B1 Richard Wragg v Mike Donnelly Mr J Elbro 9 August 2010
O/277/10 GB2313137B Robert Leigh v Eurokrete Holdings Limited Mr P Thorpe 3 August 2010
O/271/10 SPC/GB/06/019 Sankyo Company Limited Dr L Cullen 5 February 2010
O/264/10 GB0225836.6 Ibrahim Ghulam Murad Ali Jamal Kashani Mehdi Farzpourmachiani Ali Farzpourmachiani Dr J E Porter 26 July 2010
O/261/10 GB0621081.9 Fisher-Rosemount Systems Inc Mr P Slater 23 July 2010
O/260/10 GB0620323.6 Fisher-Rosemount Systems Inc Mr P Slater 23 July 2010
O/259/10 EP02747592.0 Paul, Kevin & Carol Raven v Robert Williamson Mr P Thorpe 23 July 2010
O/256/10 GB0620326.9 Fisher-Rosemount Systems Inc Mr P Slater 21 July 2010
O/244/10 CA2635230, US2008302161 Thompson Friction Welding Limited v Magna International Inc. Mr P Slater 13 July 2010
O/237/10 GB0713439.8 V.B. Medicare PVT. LTD. Mrs C L Davies 9 July 2010
O/222/10 GB0709515.1 Mr William Kostuj Miss Ceri Witchard 5 July 2010
O/214/10 EP(UK)1367016B1 Leonard Stockley v Husqvarna UK Ltd Mr S Probert 1 July 2010
O/208/10 GB2437619B Furuno Electric Company Limited Dr J E Porter 28 June 2010
O/195/10 GB2440699B Loadhog Limited v Polymer Logistics BV Mr S Probert 18 June 2010
O/192/10 GB2377538B Helimedia Limited Mr P Thorpe 15 June 2010
O/190/10 GB0907279.4 Nenad Paunovic Mr G J Rose'Meyer 10 June 2010
O/188/10 GB0611578.6 Darran Bird Mr S Brown 8 June 2010
O/186/10 GB0723686.2 Premium Aircraft Interiors Group Limited Mr P Thorpe 7 June 2010
O/185/10 GB0919324.4 Mr Adam Brooks Clifford Mr G J Rose'Meyer 7 June 2010
O/182/10 PCT/GB2009/051092 John Terence Crilly Dr H L Craven 4 June 2010
O/180/10 GB0702274.2 Trevor Lyn Whatford Mrs S E Chalmers 2 June 2010
O/178/10 GB0815250.6 The University of Bolton, Gillian Lee, Subhash Chander Anand and Subbiyan Rajendran Mrs S Williams 1 June 2010
O/175/10 GB0522362.3 Mr David Evans Miss Ceri Witchard 27 May 2010
O/174/10 GB0525899.1 Marathon Oil Company & Compagnie Generale de Geophysique Mrs C L Davies 27 May 2010
O/171/10 GB2433866B Joseph Henry George Meider v Edward Henry Whitfield Mr S Probert 26 May 2010
O/167/10 GB0523890.2 Linda Long Mr B Micklewright 25 May 2010
O/165/10 EP(UK)1665914 Endress + Hauser GmbH + Co. KG, Würth Elektronik GmbH + Co. KG, and others Mrs S Williams 25 May 2010
O/163/10 EP(UK)1835991 CompactGTL PLC, Lawrence Andrew Stryker, Douglas Eugene Decker, Vinh N Le, Michael Joseph Bowe and John Vitucci Mrs S Williams 24 May 2010
O/143/10 GB0903896.9 Khalil Arafat Mr P Slater 10 May 2010
O/140/10 GB2448973 BPB Limited, Samantha O’Keefe, Cedric Biguenet, Agnes Smith and Thierry Chotard Mrs S Williams 10 May 2010
O/137/10 GB0625213.4 Ian Reginald Brindley Mrs S E Chalmers 6 May 2010
O/132/10 EP(UK)0859597 GlycoBioSciences Inc. Mr G J Rose'Meyer 30 April 2010
O/130/10 GB2428007 Maxluck Biotechnology Corp Mr S Probert 28 April 2010
O/128/10 GB0312616.6 Michael Daley Dr J E Porter 26 April 2010
O/117/10 GB0710612.3 Forensic Science Service Limited Mr H Jones 16 April 2010
O/114/10 GB0604281.6, GB0604288.1 Research in Motion Limited Miss J Pullen 13 April 2010
O/100/10 GB0619051.6 , GB0803000.9 Avaya Technology LLC Mr P Slater 31 March 2010
O/091/10 GB2411367 Nationwide Filter Company and Berni Hambleton Mr J Elbro 15 March 2010
O/089/10 GB0613207.0 Suunto OY Mr S Brown 15 March 2010
O/085/10 GB0805992.5 Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba Miss J Pullen 10 March 2010
O/080/10 EP0566635 Lundberg & Son VVS-Produckter AE and ZGP Limited Mr P Thorpe 5 March 2010
O/066/10 SPC/GB/04/037 , SPC/GB/04/038 Imclone Systems Inc. Ltd & Aventis Holdings Inc. Dr L Cullen 23 February 2010
O/058/10 GB2415387 Virulite Ltd Mr S Probert 12 February 2010
O/043/10 EP(UK)1546135 Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd, Boris Pertsikov and Ben-Zion Dolitzky Mrs S Williams 4 February 2010
O/042/10 GB2392190, GB2418444 Asphalt Re-Lay Ltd and Nu-Phalt Limited Mr P Thorpe 4 February 2010
O/036/10 GB0509201.0 ARM Limited Mr P Slater 1 February 2010
O/033/10 WO2008/104257 , WO2008/104258 Orbital 2 Limited and Urs Viktor Giger Mr S Probert 29 January 2010
O/031/10 GB2440699B Loadhog Limited v Polymer Logistics BV Mr S Probert 28 January 2010
O/021/10 GB0716959.2 Idan Zuta & Marc Zuta Mr H Jones 22 January 2010
O/017/10 GB0803988.5 William Egan Dr J E Porter 19 January 2010
O/003/10 GB0814628.4 Fisher-Rosemount Systems, Inc. Mr B Micklewright 12 January 2010