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O/512/12 GB0915612.6 Canon Europa N.V. Mr B Buchanan 28 December 2012
O/510/12 GB0914884.2 Fisher-Rosemount Systems Inc. Mr S Brown 21 December 2012
O/507/12 GB0907571.4 Alaa Hussein Al-Darraji Mrs S E Chalmers 19 December 2012
O/506/12 SPC/GB/08/046, SPC/GB/11/043 GlaxoSmithKline Mrs C L Davies 19 December 2012
O/503/12 GB2266762 Mr Nicholas J J F MacPhail Mr P Thorpe 21 December 2012
O/502/12 GB0802816.9 Plastic Logic Limited Mr P Slater 18 December 2012
O/501/12 EP 1473433 National-Oilwell, L.P, Baldwin Zahn, Bryan Kainer and Kam Konduc Mr A R Bushell 18 December 2012
O/500/12 GB2487166 Thomas Julius Borody and Soledad Carsula Mr A R Bushell 18 December 2012
O/498/12 GB0914378.5 Milliken & Company Miss J Pullen 14 December 2012
O/495/12 SPC/GB/09/057 Genzyme Corporation Patrick Purcell 11 December 2012
O/489/12 GB1203666.1 Miss J Pullen 7 December 2012
O/486/12 GB1004799.1 E-BAY INC. Mr A Swaffer 6 December 2012
O/475/12 GB1005762.8 Mr Kevin McIntyre Mr G J Rose'Meyer 29 November 2012
O/471/12 GB2456598 Lancer GB LLP, Paul Haskayne, Robert Walter Shettle Mr A R Bushell 27 November 2012
O/469/12 US 12/672561 Zincometal S.p.A Mr H Jones 27 November 2012
O/460/12 GB 2417385 Linstol UK Limited v David Huang Mr A C Howard 21 November 2012
O/455/12 GB 2393119 Rockwool Limited, Lawrence Windsor Cody, Christopher Osmond and Vivian Raymond Butler Mr A R Bushell 19 November 2012
O/442/12 GB1021747.9 Quantum Corporation Mr P Thorpe 14 November 2012
O/441/12 GB1001078.3 Hewlett-Packard Development Company L.P. Mr A Bartlett 12 November 2012
O/438/12 GB0817814.7 Fisher-Rosemount Systems, Inc Mr H Jones 12 November 2012
O/436/12 EP1223305, GB2371066 Halliburton Energy Services, Inc., L McDonald Schetky, Craig D Johnson, Barrie Hart and Peter Besselink Mr A R Bushell 5 November 2012
O/435/12 GB2368082, GB2379690, GB2379691, GB2379692, GB2379693 Halliburton Energy Services, Inc., L McDonald Schetky, Craig D Johnson, Matthew R Hackworth, Patrick W Bixenman and Peter Besselink Mr A R Bushell 5 November 2012
O/434/12 GB 2402468 Winther Browne & Company Limited and Valor Limited Dr J E Porter 1 November 2012
O/433/12 GB 2467767 Forensic Pathways Limited, Richard Maurice Leary and Chang-Tsun Li Mr A R Bushell 1 November 2012
O/423/12 EP 1218921 UT Battelle, LLC, Oleg Kornienko, William B. Whitten and John M. Ramsey Mr A R Bushell 26 October 2012
O/422/12 GB0916723.0 Lanzhou Veterinary Research Institute et al Mrs C L Davies 26 October 2012
O/417/12 GB 2456671 The Secretary of State for Defence, Emma Virginia Jane Foot, Paul Henry Kaye and Warren Roy Stanley Mr A R Bushell 24 October 2012
O/408/12 GB0922596.2 Logined BV Mr A Bartlett 18 October 2012
O/405/12 GB 2457647A Thomas R Cann Mr S Probert 17 October 2012
O/390/12 GB0809880.8 Fisher-Rosemount Systems, Inc Mr B Buchanan 9 October 2012
O/386/12 GB0907144.0 JDA Software Group, Inc. Mr H Jones 11 October 2012
O/379/12 0916278.5 Bank of America Corporation Mr S Brown 4 October 2012
O/378/12 GB0911197.2 Mr Bode Oluwa Mr A R Bushell 3 October 2012
O/368/12 GB0813409.0 Mr Sherif Zukic & Sherif Zukic Ltd Dr L Cullen 1 October 2012
O/367/12 GB 0911029.7 Bank of America Corporation Mrs S E Chalmers 28 September 2012
O/363/12 EP 1720456 Ev3 Endovascular, Inc., Alan R. Klenk, Andrew G. C. Frazier, Chad C. Roue, Hai Q. Le and Thuzar K. Han Mr A R Bushell 27 September 2012
O/361/12 GB 1202963.3 Cummins-Allison Corp Mrs S E Chalmers 26 September 2012
O/349/12 GB 0917061.4 Mitac International Corporation Mr A Bartlett 17 September 2012
O/348/12 EP2068179 Leif Levon v Orrefors Kosta Boda AB and Mr Goran Warff Mr P Slater 14 September 2012
O/347/12 GB0802676.7 Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd Mr P Thorpe 8 October 2012
O/346/12 EP1908319 Anthony Timson and Cellxion Limited v M.M.I Research Limited Mr P Slater 13 September 2012
O/326/12 EP(UK)1558311 B Ltd v Salvus Technology Limited Mr P Slater 24 August 2012
O/325/12 GB 2416542 John Samuel Webster and John Kenneth Gilbert and Solsys Ltd Mr J Elbro 24 August 2012
O/316/12 GB0621068.6, GB0621069.4 International Stem Cell Corporation Dr L Cullen 16 August 2012
O/315/12 GB1001729.1 Innovation Science Pty Limited Mr B Buchanan 16 August 2012
O/311/12 EP1196672 Tek-Dek Ltd and Flexiteek International A/S Dr J E Porter 10 August 2012
O/310/12 GB2353282 Sterling IP Ltd v Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation Mr S Probert 9 August 2012
O/304/12 EP0665886 Berni Hambleton of Sterling IP and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Mr P Slater 6 August 2012
O/303/12 GB1005621.6 Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Company Limited Dr J E Porter 6 August 2012
O/301/12 GB1001438.9 Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Company Limited Dr J E Porter 6 August 2012
O/297/12 GB0709391.7 Mr David Duke Mrs S E Chalmers 2 August 2012
O/290/12 GB1017911.7 Andrzej Stochniol Mr P Slater 30 July 2012
O/281/12 GB2373896 Intel Corporation Mr B Buchanan 25 July 2012
O/280/12 GB 2459479, GB 2472547, GB 2478658 Bigger Than The Wheel Ltd, Mark Elsom-Cook and Steve Morris Mr A R Bushell 25 July 2012
O/272/12 GB0813303.5 Mr Nicholas Paul Robinson Mr G J Rose'Meyer 12 July 2012
O/265/12 GB2436776 Mr Duncan James Parfitt Mr P Thorpe 10 July 2012
O/264/12 GB 1018849.8, GB 1107429.1 Coupling Technology Limited and Coupling Solutions LLC Mr A C Howard 6 July 2012
O/261/12 GB1117175.8 See Real Technologies SA Mr S Brown 4 July 2012
O/260/12 GB0920058.5 Fabio Passetti et al Mr B Micklewright 3 July 2012
O/240/12 GB0819091.0 Sony Corporation Mr B Micklewright 21 June 2012
O/238/12 GB0717004.6 Fisher-Rosemount Systems, Inc. Mr H Jones 28 June 2012
O/237/12 GB 0707610.2 GW Pharma Limited Mrs S E Chalmers 19 June 2012
O/236/12 GB0706549.3 Padmanabhan Mahalingham Mr A Bartlett 15 June 2012
O/232/12 EP 1425031 CSL Behring AG, Peter G Lerch, Roberto Paterno, Alphonse Hubsch and G. Markus Lang Mr A R Bushell 8 June 2012
O/231/12 GB 0913355.4 Kevin Hickey Dr J E Porter 7 June 2012
O/212/12 GB1005619.0 AdInsight Limited Mr H Jones 25 May 2012
O/210/12 GB 2444119A Nicola Puckey Mr S Probert 23 May 2012
O/191/12 GB0918198.3 Bank of America Corporation Mr S Brown 9 May 2012
O/187/12 GB1105406.1 Compurants Ltd Mr P Slater 4 May 2012
O/184/12 GB 0822907.2 Telefonakiebolaget LM Ericsson Dr L Cullen 2 May 2012
O/183/12 GB2430371A Mr Russell Taylor v AQ+ Plc Mr S Probert 1 May 2012
O/180/12 GB 1002832.2 Building Research Establishment Ltd, The University of Strathclyde, John Mark Counsell, Matthew John Stewart and Andrew Williams Mr A R Bushell 30 April 2012
O/178/12 EP 1511043 Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Angewandten Forschung e.v, AXO Dresden GmbH and Max-Planck-Gesellschaft zur Foerderung der Wissenschaften e.v, Reiner Dietsch, Horst Borrmann and Thomas Holz Mr A R Bushell 27 April 2012
O/172/12 GB0822475.0 Logined B.V. Mr P Slater 24 April 2012
O/171/12 GB0821774.7 VMware Inc Mr H Jones 25 April 2012
O/167/12 GB2466389 Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd, Michael Sanders, Kevin Wooley Colin Davidson, Steve Sullivan Mr A R Bushell 19 April 2012
O/146/12 SPC/GB/09/059 AstraZeneca AB Dr L Cullen 2 April 2012
O/144/12 GB0608098.0 Optinose AS Dr L Cullen 30 March 2012
O/143/12 GB1019835.6 Lexis Nexis Risk Solutions FL Inc Miss J Pullen 30 March 2012
O/124/12 GB0709447.7 Threeway Pressings Ltd Mr P Slater 20 March 2012
O/121/12 GB 2402468 Winther, Browne and Company Limited and Valor Limited Mr J Elbro 16 March 2012
O/119/12 GB0624420.6 Sony United Kingdom Limited Mr P Slater 16 March 2012
O/118/12 EP0665886 Berni Hambleton v Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Mr P Slater 15 March 2012
O/116/12 GB1013441.9 Logined BV Dr J E Porter 12 March 2012
O/115/12 EP (UK) 1934085 GM Global Technology Operations LLC, Siegfried Duwensee, Salvador Climent and Franz Sabo Mrs S Williams 9 March 2012
O/114/12 GB 0910818.4 Jagwood Inc Dr L Cullen 9 March 2012
O/112/12 GB0709839.5 Mr Thomas Michael Anderson Mr A Bartlett 9 March 2012
O/109/12 GB 0802859.9 Office Add-On Limited Mr A Bartlett 8 March 2012
O/100/12 GB1004327.1, GB1018550.2 Martin Anthony McKenzie Miss J Pullen 6 March 2012
O/099/12 GB 0818032.5 Forensic Science Service Limited Miss J Pullen 5 March 2012
O/097/12 GB0822335.6 Logined B.V Mr P Thorpe 5 March 2012
O/096/12 GB 0807865.1, GB 0807867.7 VMware Inc Mr P Thorpe 9 March 2012
O/095/12 EP1693586 JTEKT Corporation, Koyo Machine Industries Co Ltd and others, Tadakatsu Take, Shigetaka Kinme, Mitsuharu Ozaki and others Mrs S Williams 2 March 2012
O/089/12 GB 0724403.1 Agilent Technologies Inc Mr S Brown 27 February 2012
O/085/12 GB0712097.4 Henri Duong Mr B Micklewright 24 February 2012
O/083/12 GB0910305.2 Net1 Ueps Technologies, Inc Mr B Micklewright 24 February 2012
O/068/12 GB 2452360 SeeReal Technologies S A, Alexander Schwerdtner and Robert Missbach Mrs S Williams 15 February 2012
O/065/12 GB 2468556 Franz Schaufler, Friedrich Suchomel, Eurofoam GmbH, Josef Innerlohinger and Manfred Marchgraber Mrs S Williams 15 February 2012
O/064/12 GB0904722.6 The Nielsen Company (US), LLC Mr B Micklewright 15 February 2012
O/058/12 GB 0910301.1 Net1 Ueps Technologies, Inc. Mrs S E Chalmers 13 February 2012
O/049/12 GB 0805683.0 Mr Andrew Cooke and Watermist Limited Mr P Thorpe 8 February 2012
O/047/12 GB 2432573 Ability International Limited, Michael John Scanlon Holborn, Graham Neil Alston and David Rose Mrs S Williams 6 February 2012
O/046/12 GB0901322.8 Raytheon Company Mr P Slater 3 February 2012
O/045/12 GB 0915496.4 Intuit Inc Dr L Cullen 3 February 2012
O/040/12 GB 0612849.0 Arctic Circle Limited Mr A Bartlett 1 February 2012
O/028/12 GB1001747.3 William Kostuj Mrs C L Davies 28 January 2012
O/026/12 GB 1103477.4 Optinose AS Mr P Thorpe 27 January 2012
O/024/12 GB 0821244.1 Enabled London Limited Mr S Brown 26 January 2012
O/022/12 GB0822081.6, GB1104294.2 Population Diagnostics, Inc. Mrs S E Chalmers 25 January 2012
O/018/12 GB0624556.7 General Electric Company Mr H Jones 20 January 2012
O/017/12 GB2476188 Jasmin Roohi, Population Diagnostics, Inc, The Research Foundation of State University of New York, James Chinitz and Eli Hatchwell Mrs S Williams 19 January 2012
O/015/12 GB2417385 Linstol UK Limited v David Huang Mr A C Howard 19 January 2012
O/007/12 GB0812495.0 Joshua Tabin Mr A Bartlett 13 January 2012