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O/402/09 EP1367016 Leonard Stockley v Husqvarna UK Ltd Mr S Probert 30 December 2009
O/401/09 SPC/GB 07/069, SPC/GB 07/070, SPC/GB 07/071, SPC/GB 07/073, SPC/GB 07/075, SPC/GB 07/078, SPC/GB 07/079 , SPC/GB 07/080 Georgetown University (for SPC/GB 07/070, SPC/GB 07/071, SPC/GB 07/073, SPC/GB 07/078, SPC/GB 07/079 and SPC/GB 07/080); Loyola University of Chicago (for SPC/GB 07/069 only); University of Rochester (for SPC/GB 07/075 only) Dr L Cullen 29 December 2009
O/400/09 GB2337684 Strix Ltd and Otter Controls Ltd Mr J Elbro 24 December 2009
O/399/09 GB0225836.6 Mr. Ibrahim Ghulam Murad Ali, Mr Jamal Kashani, Mr Mehdi Farzpourmachiani and Mr Ali Farzpourmachiani Mrs C A Farrington 23 December 2009
O/396/09 GB2368285 Freshorize Limited, Malton Inflight Limited Mr B Buchanan 21 December 2009
O/394/09 GB0708205.0 Mr. Carl Anderson Griffith Mr G J Rose'Meyer 18 December 2009
O/393/09 GB0522962.0 Clive Neil Galley Mr H Jones 21 December 2009
O/392/09 GB0700745.3 Greycon Limited Miss Ceri Witchard 17 December 2009
O/384/09 SPC/GB/07/051 Neurim Pharmaceuticals (1991) Ltd Mrs C L Davies 15 December 2009
O/383/09 GB2454355 J B Corrie and Company Limited, Hugh Nigel Kennedy, David James Malone and Peter Stone Mrs S Williams 11 December 2009
O/372/09 GB0516638.4 Halliburton Energy Services, Inc. Mr S Brown 25 November 2009
O/366/09 GB0814365.3, GB0814366.1 , GB0814367.9 Fisher-Rosemount Systems, Inc Mr B Micklewright 20 November 2009
O/362/09 GB0714545.1 Ranger Services Ltd Dr L Cullen 17 November 2009
O/361/09 GB0706153.4 Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Patrick Purcell 16 November 2009
O/357/09 SPC/GB/09/015, SPC/GB/09/016, SPC/GB/09/017, SPC/GB/09/018, SPC/GB/09/019 Medeva B.V. Dr L Cullen 16 November 2009
O/355/09 EP0957878 Betson Medical (Ireland) Limited Mrs S Williams 12 November 2009
O/344/09 GB2408428 Nokia Corporation, Richard Seward, Michael Maguire, Jeremy Hewitson, Martin Higham and Simon Hogg Mrs S Williams 2 November 2009
O/342/09 GB2397573B Nampak Cartons Ltd v Rapid Action Packaging Ltd Mr S Probert 2 November 2009
O/326/09 GB2426448 Jon Teale and Lee Berman Mrs S Williams 15 October 2009
O/305/09 EP1248726 Power Stow A/S and RASN A/S Mr P Thorpe 1 October 2009
O/302/09 EP(UK)1215473 Orkli (UK) Limited Mr G J Rose'Meyer 30 September 2009
O/298/09 GB0409402.5 WMS Gaming Inc. Mr J Elbro 25 September 2009
O/297/09 GB0610608.2 Matthew Emmerson Allen Mr S Brown 25 September 2009
O/288/09 GB0600352.9 Emerson Process Management Power & Water Solutions, Inc. Mr H Jones 22 September 2009
O/285/09 GB0608420.6 Roke Manor Research Limited Mr P Slater 18 September 2009
O/277/09 GB0811727.7 Fisher-Rosemount Systems Inc Miss J Pullen 10 September 2009
O/274/09 GB2440699B Loadhog Limited v Polymer Logistics BV Mr S Probert 8 September 2009
O/272/09 GB0701177.8 Ian A Ferguson Dr H L Craven 7 September 2009
O/259/09 GB2385449 Dr Steven Sevak Singh & Timeguard Ltd Mr P Back 4 September 2009
O/247/09 GB0906471.8 Irwin Industrial Tool Company Dr J E Porter 1 September 2009
O/243/09 EP1868442 Colin R Hart, Paul J Joynt, Stork Townsend Inc.. Brent M Veldkamp, Jarrod A Grim and Robert T Seaberg Mrs S Williams 18 August 2009
O/242/09 GB2343670 British Polythene Ltd Mr P Thorpe 14 August 2009
O/239/09 GB0812748.2, GB0816067.3 John Terence Crilly, New Age Radiators Limited and Ray fisher Construction Limited Mr J Elbro 11 August 2009
O/233/09 GB0427064.1 Timothy Adam Kieck Mr J Rowlatt 4 August 2009
O/230/09 GB2449616 Holdip Limited, Charles Pollock and Helen Pollock of Technelec Limited, David Thomas Summerland Mrs S Williams 30 July 2009
O/229/09 GB2440765 Hitachi Ltd, Japan Railway Construction, Transport and Technology Agency, Mitsuyosi Fukuda, Takahito Matsuki and others Mrs S Williams 30 July 2009
O/228/09 GB0621082.7 Fisher-Rosemount Systems Inc Mr P Slater 30 July 2009
O/227/09 GB0819479.7 Robert Harvey Rines Dr J E Porter 29 July 2009
O/224/09 GB2304187 Dia-Stron Ltd Mr S Probert 29 July 2009
O/221/09 GB0512419.3 Dell Products LP Dr L Cullen 27 July 2009
O/218/09 GB0611220.5 Philip Nixon Mr P Marchant 23 July 2009
O/214/09 GB0621389.6 Fisher-Rosemount Systems Inc. Mr P Thorpe 17 July 2009
O/212/09 GB0524300.1, GB0712055.3 Dell Products L.P. Mr B Micklewright 17 July 2009
O/200/09 GB0717345.3 Jeffrey M Capone, Pramod Immaneni Mrs S Williams 10 July 2009
O/199/09 EP(UK)1785611 BRP-Rotax GmbH & Co Kg, Thomas Kritzinger, Markus Hochmayr and Herbert Poelz Mrs S Williams 10 July 2009
O/189/09 EP1248726 Power Stow A/S and RASN A/S Mr P Thorpe 7 July 2009
O/181/09 GB2341616 Mr Stanley Patrick Doyle Mr G J Rose'Meyer 30 June 2009
O/180/09 GB0700698.4 HSBC France Mr B Micklewright 29 June 2009
O/179/09 GB2402468 Valor Limited and Winther Browne & Company Limited Mr P Marchant 26 June 2009
O/174/09 GB0604165.1 F- Secure Oyj Mrs C L Davies 23 June 2009
O/170/09 GB0521120.6 , GB0608130.1 BlackLight Power Inc Mr P Marchant 18 June 2009
O/166/09 GB2387536 Mr Edwin Smith Mr G J Rose'Meyer 17 June 2009
O/144/09 GB2341616 James Philip Porter Mrs S Williams 22 May 2009
O/142/09 GB2371001 MSP Corporation, Virgil A Marple, Daryl L Roberts and Nicholas C Miller Mrs S Williams 21 May 2009
O/138/09 EP0170375 Ian Shanks and Unilever Plc, Unilever UK Central Resources Limited, and Unilever NV Mr J Elbro 19 May 2009
O/136/09 GB0419580.6, GB0419583.0, GB0724070.8, GB0724072.4 Fisher Rosemount Systems, Inc Mr A Bartlett 18 May 2009
O/126/09 GB0616225.9 Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba Mrs S E Chalmers 12 May 2009
O/119/09 GB2426767 Portasilo Limited and Manchester Cabins Limited Mr P Marchant 6 May 2009
O/118/09 EP1367016B1 Leonard S Stockley v Husqvarna UK Limited Mr A C Howard 6 May 2009
O/114/09 GB0420024.2 Websense UK limited Mr S Brown 1 May 2009
O/107/09 GB0424655.9 Nokia Corporation Mr A Bartlett 24 April 2009
O/096/09 SPC/GB/95/010 E I du Pont de Nemours & Co., Inc Dr L Cullen 9 April 2009
O/090/09 EP0440651, EP0925198, GB2317598, GB2351063, GB2374329 Pro Challenge Limited Mr G J Rose'Meyer 2 April 2009
O/087/09 GB0808277.8 Derek Norman Green Mr G J Rose'Meyer 27 March 2009
O/081/09 GB0710266.8 James Hans McRoberts Mr R C Kennell 25 March 2009
O/076/09 GB0407060.3 Sports Analysis Limited Mr R C Kennell 23 March 2009
O/062/09 GB0617647.3 Christopher Norris and Veronica Norris Mr R C Kennell 2 March 2009
O/061/09 GB0419912.1, PCT/GB04/003785 William Duff and Joseph Brown Mrs S Williams 2 March 2009
O/060/09 GB0709447.7 William Ford and Threeway Pressings Ltd Mr J Elbro 27 February 2009
O/057/09 GB0623798.6 Fisher-Rosemount Systems Inc Dr L Cullen 25 February 2009
O/055/09 GB2410415 Ms. Penelope Mary Townsend Mr. Hugh David Niblock Hunter Boot Limited Mr A C Howard 24 February 2009
O/054/09 GB2406396 The Australian National University and The Commonwealth of Australia Mrs S Williams 20 February 2009
O/053/09 GB2429969 B MeadWestVaco Corp v Montreuil Offset Mr A C Howard 20 February 2009
O/052/09 SPC/GB/06/002 Astellas Pharma Inc Mr L Cullen 20 February 2009
O/050/09 SPC/GB/01/013 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Mr L Cullen 20 February 2009
O/049/09 GB0313574.6 Epic Systems Corporation Mr R C Kennell 20 February 2009
O/048/09 GB0222239.6 Research Affiliates, LLC Mr P Slater 19 February 2009
O/043/09 GB2347682 Dr Gareth Williams v Surface Active Solutions (Holdings) Limited Mr P Marchant 13 February 2009
O/040/09 PCT/GB2007/002611 Lancaster University Business Enterprises Limited and the University of Lancaster Mrs S Williams 11 February 2009
O/036/09 GB2425742 Rigcool Limited v. Optima Solutions UK Limited Mrs C L Davies 9 February 2009
O/035/09 SPC/GB/02/002 Merck & Co., Inc Dr L Cullen 6 February 2009
O/033/09 GB0515579.1, GB0516995.8, GB0516997.4, GB0518016.1, GB0519238.0, GB0519365.1, GB0519463.4 Mr Rajesh Kapur Mr J Elbro 6 February 2009
O/032/09 GB0616163.2 Research Affiliates, LLC Mr R C Kennell 2 February 2009
O/028/09 GB2397034 Weatherford / Lamb Incorporated Dr J E Porter 30 January 2009
O/027/09 GB0324999.2 , GB0813475.1 Floodsentry Ltd Mr B Micklewright 29 January 2009
O/022/09 PCT/GB08/050757 Philip Jones et al Dr J E Porter 23 January 2009
O/016/09 GB0618558.1 Schlumberger Holdings Limited Mr R C Kennell 22 January 2009
O/015/09 GB0404016.8 Abdul Zarif Mr J Rowlatt 20 January 2009
O/009/09 GB0802593.4 eSpeed, Inc Mr R C Kennell 12 January 2009
O/344/08 GB2337684B Strix Ltd and Otter Controls Ltd Mr J Elbro 2 January 2009