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BL Number Application / Patent Number Person(s) or Company(s) involved Hearing Officer Decision Date
O/427/20 GB1510444.1 Hitachi, Ltd. Mr B Buchanan 8 September 2020
O/417/20 GB2562978 Alcolizer Pty Ltd and Dragerwerk AG & Co KGaA Mr H Jones 3 September 2020
O/406/20 GB2506097 Mark Jones and Irmac Roads Ltd Mr P Thorpe 26 August 2020
O/402/20 GB1708043.3 F Secure Corporation Mr H Jones 19 August 2020
O/357/20 GB1620705.2 The Boeing Company Mr P Mason 21 July 2020
O/345/20 GB1509562.3 Motorola Solutions, Inc. Mr P Thorpe 4 August 2020
O/344/20 GB 2570857A Wootzano Ltd v Zakareya Hussein Mr S Probert 7 August 2020
O/340/20 GB2557647 Andrew Zacharias and Dazcom Limited Mr P Thorpe 1 July 2020
O/333/20 GB1604161.8 Dr. Wei Wu Mr B Buchanan 23 June 2020
O/327/20 GB1213491.2 Gaiasoft IP Limited Dr L Cullen 18 June 2020
O/321/20 SPC/GB12/034 Chugai Seiyaku Kabushiki Kaisha & Tadamitsu Kishimoto Dr L Cullen 11 June 2020
O/320/20 GB 1600631.4 Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Australia PTY Limited Mrs C L Davies 11 June 2020
O/317/20 GB1801474.6 Rotaheat Limited Miss J Pullen 10 June 2020
O/305/20 GB 1610337.6 Lenovo (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. Mrs C L Davies 3 June 2020
O/303/20 WO2017/029470 Aixtron Limited v Paragraf Limited and Dr Simon Thomas Mr P Thorpe 2 June 2020
O/284/20 GB1520019.9 Corey Kaizen Reaux-Savonte Mr H Jones 19 May 2020
O/272/20 GB1515574.0 Christopher Dalton and Paul Innocenzi Mr H Jones 5 May 2020
O/271/20 GB1610140.4 Lenovo (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. Miss J Pullen 5 May 2020
O/252/20 EP16182040.2 Mr Alan James Hughes and Mr Barry Andrew Davis Mr P Thorpe 23 April 2020
O/245/20 GB1522765.5 Lenovo (Singapore) Pte. Ltd Mr P Thorpe 21 April 2020
O/236/20 GB1810113.9 Motorola Solutions, Inc Mr P Thorpe 16 April 2020
O/227/20 GB1509528.4 Mr Thomas Michael Anderson Mr P Mason 11 June 2020
O/224/20 GB2467005 Siltbuster Limited and Kelly Tanks Limited Mr H Jones 9 April 2020
O/205/20 US2019/0013591 Drayson Technologies (Europe) Limited Mr S Probert 1 April 2020
O/111/20 SPC/GB07/012 Genentech, Inc. and Master Data Center, Inc. Mr B Micklewright 21 February 2020
O/097/20 GB1503131.3 Mr Stephen Mollah Mrs C L Davies 14 February 2020
O/096/20 GB1500830.3 Indix Corporation Miss J Pullen 14 February 2020
O/063/20 GB1902006.4 Nanjing University Mr H Jones 31 January 2020
O/061/20 GB2521258, GB2548418 Coldharbour Marine Limited, Mark Wells, Andrew Marshall and Professor Peter James Dobson Mrs S Eaves 31 January 2020
O/060/20 GB2566436 Whistling Dixie Limited, Malcolm Topping and Kevin Urquhart Mrs S Eaves 31 January 2020
O/031/20 GB2570213 RAM Photonics, LLC, Vahid Ataie and Stojan Radic Mrs S Eaves 16 January 2020
O/030/20 GB1818033.1 Motorola Solutions, Inc Mr P Thorpe 16 January 2020
O/018/20 GB2566513 Supply Point Systems Limited, Christopher Marriott, Iain Clark, Brandon Michael Warzecho and Jeff A Wittich Mrs S Eaves 13 January 2020
O/017/20 GB1522321.7 Lenovo (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. Mr B Buchanan 13 January 2020