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BL Number Action Mark Application Number Hearing Officer Decision Date Image
O/368/07 Opposition KLARYX UK00002384045 Mr M Bryant 19 December 2007
O/367/07 Invalidity SIN UK00002237302 Mr M Reynolds 17 December 2007
O/367/07 Revocation SIN UK00002237302 Mr M Reynolds 17 December 2007
O/366/07 Opposition SIN & SLIM & device UK00002389949 Mr M Reynolds 17 December 2007
O/365/07 Opposition KINDERMUSIK & KINDERMUSIK (stylised) (series of two) UK0002325924A, UK0002325924B Mr C Bowen 14 December 2007
O/363/07 Rectification JAYEK UK00002402869 Mr N Abraham 13 December 2007 Mark Image
O/362/07 Revocation THE DRINK The Drink Series of 2 UK00002162118 Mr O Morris 13 December 2007
O/360/07 Ex Parte E-comm LEGAL UK00002414151 Mr N Abraham 7 December 2007
O/358/07 Ex Parte SUMMER LOOK WO0000000900028 Mr A Pike 7 December 2007
O/356/07 Opposition WANIS UK00002404933 Mr M Reynolds 6 December 2007
O/355/07 Opposition TROPIWAY UK00002382694 Mr M Reynolds 6 December 2007
O/354/07 Invalidity EASYLIFE UK00002237099 Mr D Landau 6 December 2007 Mark Image
O/353/07 Opposition THE ENGLISH TEAM & device of a tick (Series of 4) UK0002410745A Mr C Bowen 4 December 2007 Mark Image
O/352/07 Opposition BUDMEN & Geometric device WO0000000838883 Mr D Landau 29 November 2007 Mark Image
O/348/07 Opposition SOUTH BECK UK00002388686 Mr G Salthouse 27 November 2007
O/347/07 Opposition SERENITY UK00002391204 Mr M Foley 23 November 2007
O/345/07 Opposition F1 UK0002277746C Mr G Attfield 21 November 2007
O/344/07 Opposition BRIGAND UK00002406509 Mr C Bowen 21 November 2007
O/341/07 Opposition CAS (series of three marks) UK00002401757 Mr M Foley 19 November 2007
O/339/07 Opposition COMFORTREL PLUS COMFORTREL UK00002278608, UK00002278612 Ms L Adams 15 November 2007
O/337/07 Invalidity EQUINOX UK00002351479 Mr D Landau 13 November 2007
O/334/07 Opposition tua (stylised) WO0000000800822 Mr M Foley 9 November 2007
O/333/07 Opposition SK.4 & Device UK00002377015 Mr M Foley 9 November 2007
O/332/07 Opposition KEBABISH ORIGINAL EXPRESS Series of 11 Marks UK00002333805 Mr M Foley 9 November 2007
O/329/07 Ex Parte MORE THAN CAR INSURANCE UK00002432904 Mr A Pike 6 November 2007
O/328/07 Opposition PINK RIBBON UK0002337786A Mr M Reynolds 6 November 2007
O/326/07 Opposition DEVICE ONLY MARK UK00002360413 Mr D Landau 2 November 2007
O/324/07 Opposition AQUARIUS UK00002421779 Mr G Salthouse 1 November 2007
O/323/07 Revocation NOVACOTE (two registrations) UK00001429033, UK00001429034 Mr M Reynolds 1 November 2007
O/322/07 Revocation MOBILE PLANET UK00002043423 Mr M Reynolds 1 November 2007
O/320/07 Opposition IN THE PINK UK00002371858 Mr R Colombo 1 November 2007
O/317/07 Opposition FLUSENZA UK00002407395 Mr D Landau 31 October 2007
O/316/07 Opposition PYROGEN UK00002395371 Mr M Foley 30 October 2007
O/314/07 Opposition DIVINE (stylised) UK00002412475 Mrs A Corbett 29 October 2007 Mark Image
O/313/07 Opposition IN 2 GARDEN UK00002398247 Mr G Salthouse 26 October 2007
O/312/07 Opposition INDIGO MUSIC UK00002404283 Mr G Salthouse 26 October 2007
O/311/07 Opposition TORIMA UK00002390776 Mr D Landau 25 October 2007
O/310/07 Opposition MAGIC SPELLING and Star Device UK00002411708 Mr G Salthouse 23 October 2007
O/309/07 Opposition ENERGY GLOW UK00002364976 Mr D Landau 22 October 2007
O/306/07 Opposition WILD GEESE WO0000000737715 Mr M Reynolds 17 October 2007 Mark Image
O/305/07 Opposition Device of Flower Head (Stylised) WO0000000849617 Mr G Salthouse 16 October 2007
O/303/07 Opposition MISSHA (Stylised) with Flower Device UK00002400494 Mr G Salthouse 16 October 2007 Mark Image
O/301/07 Opposition APS UK00002376884 Mr A James 12 October 2007
O/300/07 Ex Parte CONCEPT CARTOON UK00002429874 Mr R Fowler 12 October 2007
O/299/07 Opposition REAL & device UK0002120020A Mr M Reynolds 11 October 2007
O/297/07 Ex Parte SUMMER CAMP USA UK00002368281 Mr R Fowler 8 October 2007
O/294/07 Opposition ENTRONAP UK00002364795 Dr L Cullen 4 October 2007
O/293/07 Opposition LICK ME ICE CREAM WO0000000838776 Mr G Salthouse 4 October 2007 Mark Image
O/292/07 Opposition POLO CLUB SAINT TROPEZ HARAS DE GASSIN DE GASSIN & Device of a Horse & Rider in a Circular Border WO0000000855386 Mrs A Corbett 4 October 2007 Mark Image
O/291/07 Revocation RELENTLESS UK00002222144 Mrs A Corbett 2 October 2007
O/290/07 Opposition TRAVELOCITY INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE UK00002395718 Mr D Landau 2 October 2007
O/288/07 Opposition MASTERCLASS SABATIER & device of a mortar board Series of 4 UK00002408467 Mr D Landau 28 September 2007
O/287/07 Opposition MARCH GRAND PRIX UK00002331375 Mr M Reynolds 28 September 2007
O/286/07 Opposition MARCH FORMULA ONE UK00002331374 Mr M Reynolds 28 September 2007
O/284/07 Opposition NEXT STATION UK00002396662 Mr M Reynolds 27 September 2007
O/283/07 Opposition FUTURE UK00002290533 Dr L Cullen 27 September 2007
O/281/07 Invalidity MUSIC CHOICE & device of a bull’s eye Series of 2 MUSIC CHOICE Device of a bulls eye and device of a paint splash UK00002250155, UK00002250189 Mr G Salthouse 24 September 2007 Mark Image
O/280/07 Opposition Device of a bullseye (claims to colours red & white) Device of a bull’s eye UK0002265643A, UK0002265643B Mr G Salthouse 24 September 2007 Mark Image
O/279/07 Opposition IMAGE BEYOND IMAGINATION UK00002408036 Mr M Reynolds 24 September 2007
O/277/07 Opposition QUADRA - FIRE UK00002364876 Mrs A Corbett 20 September 2007
O/272/07 Invalidity STICKS & STONES UK00002373011 Mr D Landau 17 September 2007
O/270/07 Revocation Geometric device HOKKO CHEMICAL INDUSTRIAL CO LTD UK00001363050 Mr C Bowen 14 September 2007 Mark Image
O/267/07 Opposition Geometric device TAKATA UK00002353215 Mr G Salthouse 13 September 2007 Mark Image
O/266/07 Opposition Geometric device TAKATA UK00002353215 Mr G Salthouse 13 September 2007 Mark Image
O/265/07 Invalidity TAD TAXASSIST DIRECT £TAX ASSIST DIRECT THE ACCOUNTANCY AND TAX SERVICE FOR SMALL BUSINESS UK00002052091, UK00002307153 Mr R Colombo 13 September 2007 Mark Image
O/263/07 Opposition GO OUTDOORS UK00002367246 Mr M Reynolds 11 September 2007
O/262/07 Revocation MATERIAL GIRLS UK00001569531 Mrs A Corbett 12 September 2007
O/261/07 Opposition FISH KETTLE UK00002401029 Mr D Landau 11 September 2007
O/260/07 Ex Parte DEVICE ONLY MARK UK00002390030 Ms L Adams 10 September 2007
O/259/07 Opposition STANDARD LITE UK00002376865 Dr L Cullen 6 September 2007
O/258/07 Opposition BUMPS & BABIES UK00002402237 Mr M Reynolds 6 September 2007
O/257/07 Opposition DUALIT DUALIT DAB DUAL UK00002350948, UK00002366753, UK00002368710 Dr L Cullen 5 September 2007
O/256/07 Revocation KYLIE UK00001063708 Mr D Landau 4 September 2007
O/251/07 Opposition CHORKEE (stylised) & device UK00002399575 Mr D Landau 30 August 2007 Mark Image
O/250/07 Invalidity VIRGIN SMILE UK00002395325 Mr R Colombo 29 August 2007
O/248/07 Opposition ANDURAGUARD UK00002400543 Mr M Reynolds 28 August 2007
O/246/07 Opposition MECCA UK00002323015 Mr M Foley 24 August 2007
O/245/07 Opposition ZSL/ZSL/ZSL - Living Conservation UK00002302605, UK00002302606, UK00002349038 Mr M Reynolds 23 August 2007 Mark Image
O/244/07 Ex Parte if initial finance UK00002424048 Mrs K Stephens 23 August 2007
O/242/07 Opposition TOOLMAN & device UK00002393915 Mr D Landau 22 August 2007
O/241/07 Opposition ARTBOX (stylised) & device UK00002363749 Mr C Bowen 22 August 2007 Mark Image
O/240/07 Invalidity GREASEMANIA (stylised) UK00002348098 Mr M Foley 21 August 2007 Mark Image
O/237/07 Opposition MEGZ (stylised) & device UK00002381744 Mr M Reynolds 20 August 2007 Mark Image
O/236/07 Opposition THE DRUNKEN MONKEY (series of 3 marks) UK00002354920 Mr M Reynolds 20 August 2007
O/235/07 Opposition MAGIC HOME CHEF UK00002360358 Mr M Reynolds 20 August 2007
O/228/07 Opposition DEVICE ONLY MARK UK00002366477 Mrs A Corbett 14 August 2007 Mark Image
O/227/07 Opposition ENERGYSHOP UK00002371424 Mr M Foley 13 August 2007
O/225/07 Opposition WITCHCRAFT UK00002392932 Mr M Reynolds 9 August 2007
O/224/07 Invalidity CICA UK00001461059 Mr D Landau 9 August 2007 Mark Image
O/223/07 Opposition BRILLIANCE WO0000000817390 Mr G Salthouse 7 August 2007 Mark Image
O/222/07 Opposition OTO O.T.O. O T O O.T.O UK0002322346A, UK0002322346B Mr G Salthouse 6 August 2007
O/221/07 Opposition DEVICE OF A TICK UK00002375668 Mr M Foley 3 August 2007 Mark Image
O/220/07 Invalidity BUDWEISER UK00001389680 Mr M Foley 2 August 2007
O/219/07 Opposition ARION UK00002385083 Mr M Reynolds 2 August 2007
O/217/07 Opposition CAMELLIA & device Japanese letters UK00002349793 Mr M Foley 1 August 2007
O/215/07 Invalidity JUDGE SABATIER & device STELLAR SABATIER & device UK00002225281, UK00002225287 Mr M Foley 1 August 2007 Mark Image
O/213/07 Opposition FINE GAEL UK00002396544 Mr M Foley 31 July 2007
O/212/07 Opposition FIANNA FAIL UK00002396543 Mr M Foley 31 July 2007
O/207/07 Opposition FAR PEAK FARM & device UK00002393801 Mr G Salthouse 24 July 2007 Mark Image
O/206/07 Opposition SAKIRA UK00002380802 Mr M Reynolds 23 July 2007
O/204/07 Opposition GO OUTDOORS UK00002367246 Mr M Reynolds 20 July 2007
O/203/07 Opposition ZENITH UK00002372051 Mr M Foley 20 July 2007
O/201/07 Ex Parte FRICTION MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS UK00002418442 Mr A Pike 17 July 2007
O/194/07 Invalidity VODKA O2 RUSH VODKA O2 PREMIUM SPARKLING VODKA UK00002308256, UK00002325253 Mr C Bowen 12 July 2007 Mark Image
O/190/07 Opposition X1RECALL UK00002362857 Mr D Landau 9 July 2007
O/189/07 Opposition GECKO'S (stylised) &device of a lizard UK00002363329, UK00002363330, UK00002363331 Mr M Foley 5 July 2007
O/187/07 Revocation UNICOM UK0001519684B Mr M Foley 5 July 2007
O/186/07 Revocation STORM UK00002152209 Mrs A Corbett 4 July 2007
O/178/07 Opposition VERT UK00002401080 Mr M Reynolds 22 June 2007
O/177/07 Ex Parte THERE AINT NO F IN JUSTICE UK0002356798B Mr R A Jones 20 June 2007
O/175/07 Opposition BERKELEY SUPERKINGS & device (series of four marks) UK00002364231 Mr D Landau 20 June 2007 Mark Image
O/173/07 Ex Parte UNODENT WO0000000786606 Mrs G Ashworth 19 June 2007
O/171/07 Rectification JACOB UK00002108705 Dr L Cullen 18 June 2007 Mark Image
O/169/07 Opposition F1 UK0002277746C Mr D Landau 13 June 2007
O/166/07 Opposition EVERYMAN UK00002356921 Mr M Foley 12 June 2007
O/165/07 Opposition SYNERGY UK00002376138 Mrs J Pike 12 June 2007 Mark Image
O/164/07 Opposition DARKNESS VISIBLE UK00002395188 Dr W J Trott 11 June 2007
O/162/07 Revocation REMUS UK00001580900 Mr M Reynolds 8 June 2007 Mark Image
O/159/07 Opposition MNA & Badge Device UK00002386191 Mr M Reynolds 7 June 2007
O/157/07 Ex Parte AURIPLEX LTD UK00002402512 Mrs K Stephens 6 June 2007
O/156/07 Opposition SILVER SEVEN UK00002376996 Mr G Salthouse 4 June 2007
O/147/07 Invalidity O2M8 UK00002382134 Mr M Reynolds 1 June 2007 Mark Image
O/143/07 Opposition THE ONE UK00002362230 Mr G Salthouse 30 May 2007
O/142/07 Invalidity LONGITUDE WO0000000846992 Mr G Attfield 30 May 2007
O/141/07 Ex Parte MERIDIAN COMMUNICATIONS AND PROMOTIONS UK00002372472 Mr R Sanders 29 May 2007
O/140/07 Opposition FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD UK00002359948 Mr M Foley 25 May 2007
O/139/07 Opposition WELLCARE UK00002360584 Mr M Foley 25 May 2007
O/138/07 Opposition THE DENTAL PRACTICE & device of a crocodile UK00002372398 Mrs A Corbett 24 May 2007 Mark Image
O/134/07 Invalidity VIRT-X VIRTX (2 seperate marks) WO0000000739193, WO0000000746883 Mr M Reynolds 17 May 2007 Mark Image
O/132/07 Opposition SURETIME UK00002375932 Dr L Cullen 17 May 2007
O/131/07 Opposition GODDESS UK00002342909 Mr G Salthouse 15 May 2007
O/130/07 Opposition NORGAS NORGAS (a seres of 2 marks) UK00002384974 Mr D Landau 15 May 2007
O/129/07 Ex Parte DELIBERATELY INNOVATIVE WO0000000873858 Mr E S Smith 14 May 2007
O/128/07 Opposition DigiPos DigiPos ( series of 2 marks for app 2358344) DigiPos (one mark for app 2375901) DigiPos DIGIPOS (series of 2 marks for app 2375900) DigiPos Digipos DIGIPOS (series of 3 marks for app 2358343) UK00002358343, UK00002358344, UK00002375900, UK00002375901 Mr G Salthouse 14 May 2007
O/126/07 Opposition AMIAID UK00002367607 Mr G Salthouse 14 May 2007
O/124/07 Opposition sk:n SK:N (series of 2 marks) sk:n skin knowledge network (series of 7 marks) UK0002374039B, UK0002385263B Mr D Landau 11 May 2007 Mark Image
O/122/07 Opposition HYDRO-KIK UK00002385568 Mr G Salthouse 9 May 2007
O/119/07 Invalidity POMTINI UK00002383985 Mr D Landau 3 May 2007
O/118/07 Revocation TEASERS TEASERS COSMETICS (series of 2 marks) UK00002140997 Dr L Cullen 27 April 2007
O/116/07 Ex Parte "RETURN TO SENDER" UK0002413832A Mr A Pike 26 April 2007
O/112/07 Invalidity FAMOS UK00002396703 Mr M Foley 23 April 2007
O/110/07 Revocation Cartoon devices in the shape of gas cylinders (series of 2 marks) UK00001420144 Mr G Salthouse 20 April 2007 Mark Image
O/109/07 Opposition PURE MASSAGE UK00002380718 Mrs A Corbett 20 April 2007
O/107/07 Revocation ELECAD UK00002053732 Mr G Salthouse 18 April 2007 Mark Image
O/106/07 Opposition POP IDOL UK00002352792 Mr M Foley 18 April 2007
O/101/07 Opposition MARVIN UK00002355899 Mr M Foley 5 April 2007 Mark Image
O/100/07 Opposition TEVO UK00002397544 Mrs J Pike 5 April 2007
O/096/07 Opposition CAMPUS UK00002365034 Mr D Landau 4 April 2007
O/095/07 Revocation BACTIGUARD UK00002027376 Dr L Cullen 2 April 2007 Mark Image
O/094/07 Revocation VALENT BIOSCIENCES & device Series os 2 UK00002242946 Mr C Bowen 30 March 2007 Mark Image
O/091/07 Inter Partes BUSINESSZONE PLUS BUSINESSZONE UK00002101627, UK00002101632 Mr C Bowen 29 March 2007
O/088/07 Opposition BUSINESS ZONES FROM O2 BUSINESS ZONES (2 seperate marks) UK00002356802, UK00002356807 Mrs A Corbett 27 March 2007
O/087/07 Opposition N T WORKWEAR (stylised & device) UK00002332985 Mr D Landau 27 March 2007 Mark Image
O/085/07 Ex Parte "RETURN TO SENDER" UK0002413833A Mr A Pike 26 March 2007
O/081/07 Ex Parte ENABLING PROJECTS UK00002416194 Mr A Pike 19 March 2007
O/076/07 Invalidity GSPC UK00002370141 Mrs J Pike 13 March 2007
O/075/07 Opposition Q ELECTRIC VEHICLES LIMITED QEV QEV120 QEV70 QEV90 UK00002385362, UK0002382018A, UK0002382018B, UK0002382018C, UK0002382018D Mr M Reynolds 13 March 2007 Mark Image
O/074/07 Opposition EFAX UK00002349223 Mrs A Corbett 9 March 2007
O/073/07 Revocation THE HOME DEPOT UK00001405130, UK00001450753, UK00001450754, UK00001450755, UK00001450756, UK00001450757, UK00001450758, UK00001456918, UK00001579281 Mr G Salthouse 8 March 2007
O/072/07 Ex Parte DEVICE ONLY MARK WO0000000852022 Ms L Adams 7 March 2007 Mark Image
O/071/07 Ex Parte FORM ONLY MARK UK00002339960 Mr O Morris 6 March 2007
O/070/07 Opposition MICHELE X UK0002369557A Mr D Landau 6 March 2007 Mark Image
O/067/07 Ex Parte DORISSIMA WO0000000875384 Mrs G Ashworth 1 March 2007
O/066/07 Ex Parte i.d. UK00002354835 Mr A Pike 28 February 2007
O/065/07 Opposition D (stylised) & device of a triangle UK00002294911 Mr G Salthouse 28 February 2007 Mark Image
O/063/07 Opposition DATACOM (stylised and device) UK00002379954 Mrs A Corbett 27 February 2007
O/062/07 Opposition EVIAN FRUIT FUSION UK00002370346 Mr M Reynolds 27 February 2007
O/061/07 Opposition CETRAL UK00002362711 Mr G Salthouse 26 February 2007
O/057/07 Revocation MICROGAS UK00001552116 Mr D Landau 22 February 2007
O/056/07 Revocation CHATEAU ROCHELLE UK00001488222 Mr G Salthouse 22 February 2007
O/053/07 Opposition the future is sheer...... the future is sheer (series of 2 marks) UK0002367754B Mrs A Corbett 20 February 2007 Mark Image
O/052/07 Opposition SHEERSOLUTIONS... SHEER SOLUTIONS (Series of 4 marks) UK0002367754A Mrs A Corbett 20 February 2007 Mark Image
O/051/07 Opposition PARADISE BAY UK00002383571 Mr M Foley 19 February 2007
O/048/07 Opposition PAINTMASTER & device UK00002388778 Mr M Reynolds 14 February 2007 Mark Image
O/044/07 Opposition BRITISH GRAND PRIX BRITISH GRAND PRIX (a series of 2 marks) UK00002288742 Mr A James 8 February 2007
O/042/07 Ex Parte I.D. UK00002354758 Mr A Pike 8 February 2007
O/040/07 Opposition TOP HOME (stylised) WO0000000832179 Mr M Foley 2 February 2007 Mark Image
O/036/07 Opposition SAGE & device of a plant (Series of 2) UK00002332055 Mr D Landau 1 February 2007
O/033/07 Revocation MICROGAS UK00001552116 Mr D Landau 30 January 2007
O/032/07 Opposition R DE LUCCA RD VINO DE EL COLORADO UK00002385094 Mr D Landau 30 January 2007
O/029/07 Rectification POPCORN UK0002389657A Mrs J Pike 24 January 2007
O/024/07 Ex Parte RELISH UK00002411295 Mr N Abraham 17 January 2007
O/023/07 Opposition CONJUNGO Supplier-Buyer-Enabling UK00002371403 Mr O Morris 17 January 2007
O/022/07 Opposition HERITAGE UK00002328188 Mr D Landau 16 January 2007
O/018/07 Opposition SITAR SITAR (2 seperate marks) UK00002355692, UK00002355693 Mr G Salthouse 12 January 2007
O/017/07 Opposition AAA UK00002334184 Mr D Landau 11 January 2007
O/013/07 Revocation RAPIER UK00002235699 Mrs A Corbett 9 January 2007
O/012/07 Invalidity VISION 1 VISION 1 (each a Series of 2 marks) UK0002256959A, UK0002256959B Mrs J Pike 9 January 2007 Mark Image
O/009/07 Opposition QUEEN FOR A DAY WO0000000817517 Mr M Reynolds 8 January 2007 Mark Image
O/008/07 Ex Parte MUSLIMHERITAGE.COM UK00002398973 Mrs G Ashworth 8 January 2007
O/006/07 Invalidity STERISHIELD UK00002358804 Mr M Foley 5 January 2007
O/005/07 Opposition THE COMPANY SHOP UK00002340250 Mr M Reynolds 5 January 2007
O/003/07 Invalidity VODKA O2 RUSH & VODKA O2 PREMIUM SPARKLING VODKA UK00002308256, UK00002325253 Mrs A Corbett 4 January 2007 Mark Image
O/001/07 Revocation AZURRA UK00002198808 Mr D Landau 2 January 2007

30 decisions found

BL Number Action Mark Application Number Hearing Officer Decision Date Image
O/371/07 Opposition SYNERGY UK00002376138 Ms A Michaels 21 December 2007 Mark Image
O/369/07 Opposition PURE MASSAGE UK00002380718 Professor Ruth Annand 19 December 2007
O/364/07 Appointed Person BUSINESS ZONE PLUS BUSINESS ZONE UK00002101627, UK00002101632 Ms A Michaels 13 December 2007
O/361/07 Opposition THE DENTAL PRACTICE & device of a crocodile UK00002372398 Professor Ruth Annand 12 December 2007 Mark Image
O/335/07 Opposition NUTRILIFE (stylised & device) UK00002366967 Mr Geoffrey Hobbs QC 9 November 2007 Mark Image
O/325/07 Appointed Person DELIBERATELY INNOVATIVE WO0000000873858 Mr Geoffrey Hobbs QC 30 October 2007
O/318/07 Opposition PAINTMASTER & Device UK00002388778 Professor Ruth Annand 24 October 2007 Mark Image
O/302/07 Appointed Person DEVICE ONLY WO0000000852022 Ms A Michaels 9 October 2007 Mark Image
O/278/07 Appointed Person FRICTION MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS UK00002418442 Mr Richard Arnold QC 18 September 2007
O/274/07 Invalidity STERISHIELD UK00002358804 Professor Ruth Annand 14 September 2007
O/255/07 Opposition HYPER GLUE HYPA GLUE (Two Applications) UK00002371978, UK00002371979 Ms A Michaels 3 September 2007
O/254/07 Opposition TOP HOME (stylised) WO0000000832179 Mr Richard Arnold QC 3 September 2007 Mark Image
O/247/07 Opposition HERITAGE UK00002328188 Professor Ruth Annand 22 August 2007
O/231/07 Opposition JUICY DIAMOND JUICY JUICY SILVER (Three applications) UK00002304243, UK00002319404, UK00002331118 Ms A Michaels 23 July 2007
O/230/07 Appointed Person CASINO ALERT UK00002419092 Ms A Michaels 5 June 2007
O/199/07 Opposition STERITROX UK00002312653 Professor Ruth Annand 16 July 2007
O/170/07 Revocation RAPIER UK00002235699 Mr Geoffrey Hobbs QC 13 June 2007
O/168/07 Opposition PUCCI UK00002372279 Mr Richard Arnold QC 13 June 2007 Mark Image
O/161/07 Revocation EXTREME UK00002114931 Mr Richard Arnold QC 7 June 2007
O/155/07 Appointed Person STRATEGIC REAL ESTATE UK00002303659 Mr Geoffrey Hobbs QC 11 May 2007
O/154/07 Opposition VOGUE UK00002334368 Mr Geoffrey Hobbs QC 10 May 2007
O/144/07 Revocation BSA by R2 UK00002152708 Mr Geoffrey Hobbs QC 29 May 2007
O/127/07 Appointed Person i DEVICE ONLY MARK DEVICE ONLY MARK DEVICE ONLY MARK DEVICE ONLY MARK DEVICE ONLY MARK DEVICE ONLY MARK UK00002360930, UK00002360935, UK00002360938, UK00002360944, UK00002360945, UK00002360946, UK00002360950 Professor Ruth Annand 11 May 2007
O/104/07 Opposition WI FI & device WI-FI (2 seperate marks) UK00002209133 Mr Richard Arnold QC 5 April 2007 Mark Image
O/086/07 Appointed Person FOR YOU............... UK00002339794 Mr Geoffrey Hobbs QC 19 March 2007
O/079/07 Opposition FELENDIL Felendil (series of 2 marks) UK00002332714 Mr Geoffrey Hobbs QC 14 March 2007
O/068/07 Revocation EINSTEIN UK00001339408 Mr Geoffrey Hobbs QC 28 February 2007
O/041/07 Appointed Person O2 UK00002360952 Professor Ruth Annand 5 February 2007 Mark Image
O/020/07 Opposition MOBIS UK00002348433 Mr Richard Arnold QC 15 January 2007
O/011/07 Opposition IDEAL HOME UK00002292709, UK00002292720, UK00002292722, UK00002292723, UK00002292724, UK00002292726, UK00002292742, UK00002292746, UK00002292747 Mr Richard Arnold QC 8 January 2007