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O/400/03 GB2136492 AFT Atlas Fahrzeugtechnic GmbH Mr D J Barford 24 December 2003
O/385/03 EP0930962 Tredegar Film Products Corporation Mrs S Williams 8 December 2003
O/382/03 PCT/GB/2003/002308 Penife International Limited Dr H Edwards 5 November 2003
O/381/03 EP01911916.3, EP01911935.3, EP99947703.7, GB0006430.3, GB0006432.9, GB2359289, GB9821620.3, WO00/19963, WO01/68452 BioProgress Technology Limited and Edward Nowak v Stanelco Fibre Optics Limited Mr D J Barford 5 December 2003
O/351/03 GB2176409 Sumitomo Rubber Industries Limited Mr M C Wright 14 November 2003
O/348/03 EP0424435 Cinpres Gas Injection Limited v Melea Limited Mr R C Kennell 5 November 2003
O/337/03 GB2251692 Comet Technology Limited Mr M C Wright 5 November 2003
O/331/03 GB0008827.8, GB9915895.8 Gordon Ross Mr P Marchant 3 November 2003
O/327/03 EP0575163 Denso Ltd v NGK Spark Plugs Ltd Mr P Hayward 28 October 2003
O/325/03 GB0006887.4 Robert Leonard Carpenter Mr Brunt 27 October 2003
O/324/03 GB9912296.2 Fujitsu Limited Mr A Bartlett 23 October 2003
O/316/03 GB0208639.5 Bartlett Engineering (South Wales) Limited and Michael Charles Richard Bartlett v Steven Philip Corcoran Mrs S Williams 9 September 2003
O/313/03 GB207849.1 Teng Pin Poo v Trek 2000 International Ltd Mrs S Williams 15 October 2003
O/307/03 GB0026317.8 Mr Paul Neil MacMullen Mr M C Wright 14 October 2003
O/304/03 EP0041623 American Cyanamid Company Mr R Walker 13 October 2003
O/302/03 GB2302932 Flomat Bagfilla International Limited v Spiroflow Limited Mr G M Rogers 30 September 2003
O/301/03 GB9723109.6, GB9918500.1 Bryan Brunton v Wyn Lewis Mr R C Kennell 21 August 2003
O/299/03 GB2177577 Rodney Stock v PIXAR Mrs S Williams 1 October 2003
O/286/03 GB2329332 McAlpine & Company Ltd v Eskander Corporation NV Mr P Hayward 22 September 2003
O/284/03 WO098/07339 Sheel Khemka v Nana-Akoto Osei Mr P Hayward 19 September 2003
O/283/03 GB0204940.1 Transense Technologies PLC v Victor Alexandrovich Kalinin, Kirill Volianski and Mark Lee Mrs S Williams 17 September 2003
O/276/03 EP0322268 Serge Jean-Marie Rebeillard and Cecile Denise Kreweras Mr M C Wright 10 September 2003
O/267/03 GB9915892.5 Gordon Ross Mr G M Rogers 29 August 2003
O/266/03 GB0301172.3 Stephen Townsend Mrs J A Wilson 1 September 2003
O/265/03 GB9814507.1 IDA Limited and others v University of Southampton and others Mr S N Dennehey 29 August 2003
O/264/03 GB2363796 Paul Disley v Regenesys Technologies Limited Mrs S Williams 29 August 2003
O/263/03 GB0215603.2 Paragon Labels v Buralls of Wisbech Limited Mr P Hayward 29 July 2003
O/262/03 GB0204306.5 KFL (Floor Services) Limited v Philip McGarry and Brian John George Lawson Mr R C Kennell 11 July 2003
O/256/03 GB2329854 Camfil AB v Interfilta (UK) Ltd Mr P Hayward 20 August 2003
O/236/03 GB0105961.7 David Mason and Philip Holt Mr G M Rogers 11 July 2003
O/235/03 GB0101578.3 Hiroki Ashizawa Mr A Bartlett 18 August 2003
O/227/03 GB0221440.1 Mikhail Petin Mr P Back 2 July 2003
O/220/03 GB2333698 Dynamic Products Limited v Clares Merchandise Handling Equipment Limited Mr P Back 7 August 2003
O/209/03 GB2309156 Vatina Services Limited and Jonathan King Mr M C Wright 18 July 2003
O/208/03 EP1152824 Michael Jones and Ian Henderson v Protensive Limited Mrs S Williams 17 July 2003
O/207/03 EP1156875 Michael Jones and Ian Henderson v Protensive Limited Mrs S Williams 17 July 2003
O/201/03 GB9915203.5 Institut Francais du Petrole & ELF EP Mr P Marchant 11 July 2003
O/182/03 GB9907874.3 Mr M A McKenzie Mrs J A Wilson 25 June 2003
O/176/03 GB2266545 Synseal Extrusions Limited v Ultraframe (UK) Limited Mr M G Wilson 13 May 2003
O/175/03 GB2283997 Synseal Extrusions Limited v Ultraframe (UK) Limited Mr M G Wilson 13 May 2003
O/159/03 GB0120555.3 Sun A Kaken Co Ltd, Kazuo Ariyoshi and Tetsurou Kawamoto Mrs S Williams 12 June 2003
O/149/03 GB0115077.0 Glenair Inc & David W Tonkiss Mrs S Williams 2 June 2003
O/145/03 GB0030707.4 Accucard Limited Mr A Bartlett 29 May 2003
O/141/03 GB2338736 Jerry G Williams v Fiberspar Corporation Mrs S Williams 22 May 2003
O/139/03 GB2314263 Mrs Margaret Fleming Somner Mr M C Wright 16 May 2003
O/138/03 GB0202309.1 Mr Gines Sanchez Gomez Mr M C Wright 16 May 2003
O/119/03 GB9819635.5 Mr Ian Mann Mrs S E Chalmers 25 April 2003
O/112/03 GB2326226 Mr Glen R Summner Mr M C Wright 17 April 2003
O/107/03 PCT/GB00/02176 Philip Trevor Slack and Simon Philip Slack v Joshua Charles Michael Haigh Mr R C Kennell 16 April 2003
O/099/03 GB21652592 Clear Focus Imaging Inc v Contra Vision Limited Mr S N Dennehey 10 April 2003
O/087/03 EP0804763 Intel Corporation v Via Technologies Inc. Mr P Hayward 2 April 2003
O/081/03 GB0124450.8 Koito Manufacturing Co Ltd and Akinori Matsumoto and Takayuki Iwaki Mrs S Williams 31 March 2003
O/080/03 GB0129021.2, GB0130370.0 Smart Card Solutions Limited Mr S Probert 28 March 2003
O/076/03 EP0575163 Denso Ltd v NGK Spark Plugs Ltd Mr P Hayward 28 February 2003
O/069/03 GB9815478.4 Duncan Morriss Butlin Mr H Jones 15 March 2003
O/062/03 EP0578711B Calix Technology Limited and Crown Cork and Seal Technologies Corporation Mr S N Dennehey 3 March 2003
O/059/03 GB0104674.7 Dyson Limited & Alexander Rocke Mrs S Williams 25 February 2003
O/055/03 GB0030017.8 Xtralite Limited vs Hartington Conway Limited Mr P Hayward 21 February 2003
O/054/03 GB2156210, GB2282062, GB2307532 Warren Hooker Rehab 2001 v Christopher John Hooker Mr D J Barford 20 February 2003
O/048/03 GB97186779 Delco Electronics Europe Gmbh Mr D J Barford 17 February 2003
O/044/03 SPC/GB/99/012 Novartis AG and Universtiy College London; Novartis AG and Institute of Microbiology and Epidemiology Mr R Walker 12 February 2003
O/039/03 GB2252270 Pendawell (2000) Limited v (1) Orange Personal Communications Services Limited and (2) Page White & Farrer Mr S N Dennehey 7 February 2003
O/038/03 GB011298.6 Wayne Schroeder v KCI Licensing Inc. Mrs S Williams 5 February 2003
O/035/03 GB2317344 Mahfoud Messaour and Stella Margaret Williams Mrs S Williams 3 February 2003
O/023/03 GB9716498.2 McAlpine & Company Ltd v Eskander Corporation NV Mr P Hayward 27 January 2003
O/022/03 SPC/GB/02/004 Eli Lilly and Company Mr R Walker 27 January 2003