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BL Number Application / Patent Number Person(s) or Company(s) involved Hearing Officer Decision Date
O/354/19 GB1811529.5 California Institute of Technology and Thermo Fischer Scientific (Bremen) GmbH Mr B Micklewright 25 June 2019
O/346/19 GB 1116612.1 Fisher-Rosemount Systems, Inc. Miss J Pullen 19 June 2019
O/325/19 GB1715687.8 Google LLC Mrs C L Davies 7 June 2019
O/310/19 GB151957.0 Lenovo (Singapore) Pte. Ltd Mr S Brown 3 June 2019
O/304/19 GB1513640.1 Adobe Inc Mrs S E Chalmers 31 May 2019
O/303/19 GB1513017.2 Adobe Inc Mrs S E Chalmers 31 May 2019
O/302/19 GB1512827.5 Adobe Inc Mrs S E Chalmers 31 May 2019
O/291/19 GB2451719, GB2496951 Rockwool International A/S and Knauf Insulation Limited Mr H Jones 28 May 2019
O/287/19 GB1222279.0 Ariadne Insight Limited Mr B Buchanan 28 May 2019
O/286/19 GB1306492.8 ABB Technology AG Mr B Micklewright 24 May 2019
O/282/19 GB1417440.3 Mr Roger West Dr L Cullen 23 May 2019
O/254/19 GB1811532.9 California Institute of Technology, and Thermo Fisher Scientific (Bremen) GmbH Mr B Micklewright 15 May 2019
O/251/19 GB1605739.0 Mr. Brian Eke Miss J Pullen 13 May 2019
O/241/19 GB1514871.1 Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology Mr H Jones 9 May 2019
O/234/19 GB2537810 Anthony Brian Mallows and Abmwaterstop Ltd Mr P Thorpe 7 May 2019
O/218/19 GB1314522.2 Batesville Services Inc Mr P Thorpe 26 April 2019
O/180/19 GB1815310.6 Gelliner Limited Mr B Buchanan 4 April 2019
O/179/19 GB1414511.4 Gelliner Limited Mr B Buchanan 4 April 2019
O/164/19 GB1312503.4 ABB Inc. Miss J Pullen 28 March 2019
O/158/19 EP(UK)1319644, EP(UK)1453781 Merck Patent GmbH, Martin Erdmann, Walter Hamm & Stefan Christ Mrs S Eaves 26 March 2019
O/157/19 GB1805305.8 Quando Services Inc. Dr L Cullen 26 March 2019
O/151/19 GB2393487, GB2508779 Nut Security Products Limited, Mr Ernest Randolph Craig, Mr Richard Anthony Heggie V SafteyTrim Worldwide Holdings Limited Mr H Jones 22 March 2019
O/148/19 GB1115638.7 Fisher-Rosemount Systems Inc Mr B Buchanan 22 March 2019
O/147/19 GB2545879B International Safety Components Ltd v DMM International Ltd Mr S Probert 22 March 2019
O/145/19 GB1517570.6 Norcros Group (Holdings) Limited Mr P Mason 20 March 2019
O/129/19 1212805.4, 1815543.2 International Business Machines Corporation Mr B Micklewright 8 March 2019
O/128/19 GB1308715.0 Arris Enterprises, Inc Mrs S E Chalmers 7 March 2019
O/127/19 GB2543968B Cocogreen (UK) Ltd v Botanicoir Limited Mr S Probert 8 March 2019
O/117/19 GB1801081.9, GB1804424.8, GB1808466.5 Corethree Ltd Mr P Mason 28 February 2019
O/099/19 GB2403500 Highway Care Ltd v Laura Metaal Eygelshoven BV Mr H Jones 19 February 2019
O/094/19 GB1506976.8 Encompass Corporation Pty Ltd Mr P Thorpe 18 February 2019
O/092/19 EP(UK)3243543 Gerresheimer Regensburg GmbH, Jörg Großer, Udo Leuschner and Vaclav Vojan Mrs S Eaves 18 February 2019
O/087/19 GB1620396.0 Walmart Apollo, LLC Mrs C L Davies 14 February 2019
O/080/19 GB1520033.0 Alvin Stanley Lawrence Mrs S E Chalmers 12 February 2019
O/079/19 GB1602260.0 Bizagi Group Ltd Mr P Mason 11 February 2019
O/075/19 GB2544126 Servelec Technologies Limited, Michael Crowther, Mark Howe and Tom Laxton Mrs S Eaves 5 February 2019
O/073/19 GB2477602 & GB248784 Johnson Matthey Public Limited Company, Dirk Aderhold, Guy Richard Chandler and others Mrs S Eaves 5 February 2019
O/057/19 GB1212698.3 Masimo Corporation Mr B Buchanan 28 January 2019
O/042/19 GB 1420108.1 International Business Machines Corporation Mr S Brown 22 January 2019
O/033/19 EP3115508 Wirtgen GmbH, Philip Verhaelen, Cyrus Barimani, Günter Hähn, Juri Wagner, Stefan Jentsch, Bastian Schings, Dr. Kevin Helmut Schmitz and Dr. Felix Johannes Van Der Beek Mrs S Eaves 18 January 2019
O/029/19 GB1116031.4 General Electric Company Mrs S E Chalmers 16 January 2019
O/020/19 GB1500399.9, GB1604348.1 Tracy Buckland Mr P Mason 11 January 2019
O/012/19 GB1811004.9 Akron Brass Company Mr B Buchanan 9 January 2019